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Tips for packing kitchenware for an interstate move

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If you have moved before you know that it is a long and often complicated process. Organizing and packing for an interstate move can be challenging. In this article, we are going to make things easier for you when it comes to packing. We are going to go over some of the basic tips for packing kitchenware when moving. Additionally, we will explain the importance of finding and hiring the best interstate moving companies Florida has. Let’s start with the planning and organizing before we get into the packing process.

How to get organized when packing kitchenware

First of all, proper organization, planning, and hiring professional movers such as New Leaf Moving Group will make your overall moving feel a lot smoother and efficient. Organizing yourself also gives you an easier time later on, when the time for packing comes. The more you plan, the easier it will be to pack your kitchen and all of its utensils and equipment. Let’s see how you can organize yourself before you start packing.

Declutter before you pack

In case you have a large number of items in your kitchen inventory, it may not be a bad idea to declutter a bit before you pack. To begin with, take a look at the items or equipment that no longer works or is going to be replaced. If you have some of these items that you plan to sell or throw out, now is the right time to do it. Decluttering your inventory will not only make it easier to pack but also provide you with additional space in your new home. If you are still left with many items, consider hiring professional movers who offer different South Florida relocation services including the storage service, and store some of your inventory.

Separating essentials when packing kitchenware.
Your kitchen is home to a number of different items, utensils, and equipment. Not all of it is considered essential and should be packed a few weeks or days before the move.

Decide what is essential

There are a few rooms in your house that should always be packed last. The kitchen is one of them. However, even though you should not pack the entirety of your kitchen before the actual moving day, there are certain items in the kitchen that should be packed a few weeks before the relocation date. Make sure to leave the essential items in your kitchen such as pots, forks, plates, etc., and pack the rest. Of course, when it comes to food, make sure you pack only the items which are canned or properly sealed and protected.

How to properly pack kitchenware

Gather the right packing supplies

The process of packing is probably the most annoying and tiring process during relocation. However, it is important that it is done right. When it comes to packing kitchenware for your move, it is best to get the necessary packing materials and supplies. Some of the items in the kitchen can be packed in simple cardboard boxes. Others will need proper protection. Some of the essential packing supplies that you need when packing kitchenware are the following:

  • Cardboard boxes. You should get these in all shapes and sizes because your inventory in the kitchen area is quite diverse.
  • Packing kits and boxes for dishes. Special packing kits and boxes should be used for your dishes. This is especially the case if you have an expensive collection.
  • Plastic bags. These can be used for items that do not require a lot of care and protection during transport.
  • Packing foam and bubble wrap. Foam, bubble wrap, and other padding materials should be used to protect your glassware as well as other easily breakable objects in your kitchen.
  • Packing labels. It is important to properly mark each packed item. Use packing labels or other labeling materials to mark each box that is packed and good to go.

You can find these packing materials online or by hiring movers that offer packing services Florida.

Kitching appliances.
Make sure you follow your manuals for your kitchen appliances and properly disassemble them before you pack them.

Packing kitchen appliances

Your kitchen has a few large appliances such as dishwashers, stoves, fridges, and so on. If you still have original boxes for these appliances then you are in luck. You can follow your manuals and disassemble these appliances, carefully pack them inside their boxes and they will be ready for transport. However, in case you do not have original boxes, do not worry. Medium and large size packing boxes will do the trick for almost all of your kitchen appliances. Just make sure they are cleaned, dry, and properly disassembled before you pack them.

Packing pots and pans

Although they may seem sturdy and less fragile than your silverware, pots and pans also need to be properly packed. Find the right box and place pots and pans by their size inside it. Protect each pot and pan by wrapping it with paper or bubble wrap. If the box is the right size, it should close properly. Afterward, wrap several layers of packing tape to stop the box from opening during transportation.

Packing cutlery

When it comes to packing silverware, start by dividing them by their categories and sizes. We have already mentioned the importance of gathering the right packing materials for many fragile items in your kitchen such as glassware. The same goes for silverware as well. The last thing you need is to unpack in your new home and notice that all of your silverware has been damaged during transport. 

Packing silverware.
Properly separate silverware according to its category and carefully pack it.

Hire professional movers

This step is extremely important if you want your move to be stress-free and successful. Relocation, especially interstate, can be difficult and complicated, as we have already mentioned. This is why you should always look for professional and reliable moving companies from Florida to New Jersey. Not only will you have an easier time packing kitchenware with the pros, but you will also have a more efficient move overall.

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