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Where People From Florida Are Moving to the Most

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Florida is considered to be one of the best states for newcomers. Because of its low taxes, constant sunlight, and accessibility to lovely beaches, it has become a popular location. According to, Florida was the most popular place for ex-pats to relocate to in 2020. However, Florida might be losing some of its appeals. Even with its good status, Florida is fourth in terms of locals moving out. Living in the Sunshine State has its drawbacks, including the yearly fear of storms and the stifling heat and humidity of the summer. So, where do Floridians go when they move out? Professionals New Leaf Moving Group Florida will tell you where people from Florida are moving to the most. We will discuss where these places are, and what makes them so special. If you’re planning on moving out of Florida soon, this is the article for you.

Places Florida People Move to

There are many interesting places Floridians love. They especially enjoy the similar climate, especially the younger residents. However, people from Florida mostly go to the state of New Jersey. When it comes to cities in other states, they relocate to:

  • Seattle,
  • Boston,
  • Chicago.

People from Florida are Moving to New Jersey

In WalletHub’s 2022’s Best States to Live In study, New Jersey was ranked as the second-best state to live in. They took into account the cost of living along with employment prospects, educational standards, and safety. Despite being 48th in terms of cost of living, the Garden State placed second overall after Massachusetts, ahead of Hawaii and California. It is an attractive area to reside in because of the great schools, high-quality, diverse food, four distinct seasons, and proximity to New York, Philadelphia, beaches, and mountains. Everyone can find a home in New Jersey. If you want a metropolitan lifestyle with access to clean beaches, athletic events, convenient transit, and a cheaper lifestyle than that of New York, New Jersey is the place for you.

Man on a New Jersey beach
People from Florida are moving to New Jersey often these days.

Many of our clients here at New Leaf Moving Group had asked us to move their homes and businesses to New Jersey. It’s such a common occurrence that we’ve become one of the best moving companies from Florida to New Jersey! If having many things to do and job and education opportunities is what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to move here. However, be ready to deal with the cons that come with living in New Jersey.

  • New Jersey has all four seasons, so if cold winters aren’t your thing, reconsider your decision.
  • The cost of living in New Jersey isn’t as cheap as living in Florida. You will notice quite a few changes in terms of your spending. 
  • For the state’s size, it’s quite densely populated. However, there are definitely fewer people living in New Jersey compared to Florida.
  • The crime rates are high in certain parts of the state, but the violent crime rates are generally low.

The Next State on Our List Is Seattle

Essentially, when you move from Florida to Seattle, you’re exchanging one coast for another. It is a gem in Washington, which explains why people from Florida are moving to Seattle. It has many pros: proximity to nature, amazing job opportunities (especially in the tech industry), and no state income tax… Seattle is also considered to be pretty safe, making it perfect for families or even people living alone. The food scene is amazing here, and the city is an intellectual one, with many highly-rated schools. The nature surrounding the city is beautiful, and it’s also a dog-friendly city: you’ll be one with nature in Seattle. If you need another reason for moving from Florida to Seattle, it’s crucial to bring up that it’s a good city for those who have allergies. On top of that, the summers are milder than in Florida, and you’ll rarely ever need air conditioning.

Picture of Seattle public market
Seattle is a chilly but pretty city in Washington.

Of course, for every pro, there is a con. Although there’s no state income tax, Seattle makes up for it with 8.8-9.3% sales tax. Depending on where you live, the cost of living can be significantly higher in Seattle than in Florida. For example, the median home cost in Tampa is a whopping 177.4% lower than that of Seattle. Other cons include a high rate of homelessness, risk of wildfires, lack of diversity, and something that people call “The Seattle Freeze”. Longtime residents of Seattle take great pride in their city and heritage, and can often be wary of newcomers.

Boston is also a place our clients often move to

We’ve seen an increase in clients moving from Florida to Boston recently. After some research, we’ve found that there aren’t that many differences between Boston and Seattle. The climate is way milder than Florida’s, public transport is a big plus… Many Boston locals also love the city’s location in general. The educational opportunities are great, neighborhoods are diverse, the economy is strong, and there are plenty of green spaces. The top three cons of living in Boston are the cost of living, cold winters, and nightmare traffic (as well as parking).

Moving to Chicago

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter where the majority of people choose to move. Someone might even try moving to Chicago from Florida because they just like the idea of living there and have the resources for it. It all comes down to budgeting, asking yourself what you want, and doing extensive research and planning. In terms of moving, you don’t want to move somewhere just because everyone’s doing so: you want to make the most of your relocation on a long-term scale. Because of that, you should just be yourself and think about your decisions carefully. For that reason, Chicago is perfect. It has it all. Even if you change your mind more than once, you will find everything you need in Chicago.

A girl in one of the many places people from Florida are moving to
Think about your move very carefully before you commit to it.

Hire Professionals

That concludes our list of places where people from Florida are moving to, as well as the many reasons why they’re doing so. If you are itching for a change of surroundings or have a reason to move out of the state of Florida, New Leaf Moving Group will be more than happy to help you. Call us today and we can start planning your next big change together.

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