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What to pack in your essentials bag for a long-distance move?

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When you are moving, you need to make sure that the most important things for you are not actually in the truck, but rather with you. While your possessions are safe when they are being shipped or driven to their destination most of the time, they are still out of your reach. That means that you, for a period of time, don’t have access to them. And, if the relocation is even half an hour-long, you will still find yourself in need of some of these items. Therefore, New Leaf Moving Group has prepared a small guide on how to pack in your essentials bag.


So, first of all, we need to talk about documents you will pack in your essentials bag before you get moving to Chicago from Florida. For any long distance relocations, having documents with yourself is key.

A bag and some passports
Passports are a must if you are going overseas!

First off, you will need identifying information, like id, social security, medical insurance, etc. Furthermore, you will also want your passport if you are moving overseas or if you are expecting that to be a possibility.


Furthermore, it is very important to pack and relocate medication with yourself when you are moving with South Florida movers. Medication should be carefully examined before you embark on your relocation to make sure it is still safe to use and transport.


You never know quite accurately how much the road with corporate relocation companies Florida might take or where you will be stuck. That is why you should have all the things necessary for the preservation of your hygiene. Therefore, toiletries should be something you pack in your bag so you can move care-free.

Other things you can pack in your bag

Now that you know how to travel abroad with medication, toiletries and documents, we should cover some other things that you can and should pack in your essentials bag.

preparing things to pack in your essentials bag
What more can you fit there?
  • Wallet and contact – Wallets, and some cash, is almost always essential. There you will have contact information, social security, medical insurance, credit cards, etc, a lot that person might need.
  • Communication devices– You should also definitely put your phone on the list of things to pack in your bag. While most people these days will not exactly forget their phones so easily. It is still something to be reminded of.
  • Pen and paper – You never know when you might need one, especially if your phone battery goes empty on you.
  • Scissors and knives – Again, you never know, and when you do need them, you will be happy to have them.
  • Water and snacks – Roads can take a long time, so don’t take them hungry!

In summary

This has been pretty much all that you need to know in order to pack in your essentials bag with ease. As always, we will remind you to start planning early and to give good thought as to what you will be packing and how. Good preparation is the essence of stress-free, straightforward moving!

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