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What to Expect After Moving to Boynton Beach from Palm Beach County

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    Living on the coast, along the ocean is something you’ve been dreaming about for a long time. Now that you have moved into your new home with the excellent assistance of movers Palm Beach County, you want to know what moving to Boynton Beach from Palm Beach County can offer you. You’ll have plenty of quality content nearby. Boynton Beach is a good choice for seniors. Most likely you’ve done your research beforehand on the pros and cons of living in Boynton Beach. Through this guide, we’ll share with you some of the facts and benefits of living in this place surrounded by picturesque oceanfront nature.

    Some facts to know before moving to Boynton Beach from Palm Beach County

    When you move to Boynton Beach, you’ll enjoy a tropical lifestyle in the third largest city in Plum Beach County. The population is approximately 80,000. This quiet, clean city will provide you with entertainment throughout the year with many outdoor restaurants and shopping centers.
    You will be able to enjoy many outdoor activities throughout the year, as the weather is warm all year round in Florida. 29 parks, 9 recreation centers, the municipal beach, as well as various programs for youth, adults,  and seniors will be available to you. If you have hired professional moving services Boynton Beach, the move will be safe and smooth. The following are some of the most attractive Neighborhoods in Boynton Beach:

    • Cranbrook Lake Estates
    • Cypress Creek Country Club
    • Melrose Park
    • Cranbrook Lake Estates
    woman on the shore with her hands stretched out at dusk
    A wide waterfront and picturesque nature is the landscape that will greet you after moving to Boynton Beach from Palm Beach County.

    Cost of living

    Florida is one of the lowest taxed states in the U.S. because there is no state income tax. This means that if you work in Florida, your salary will be tax-free, except for federal income tax. Also, Florida offers a very favorable tax environment for retirees. There is no tax on retirement benefits and no tax on retirement.
    On the other hand, the cost of living in Boynton Beach is 3% higher than the Florida average and 2% higher than the national average. A wide range of real estate is available, with home prices ranging from $15,000 to over $2.1 million.

    Visit Everglades National Park After Moving to Boynton Beach from Palm Beach County
    In addition to the city’s offers, enjoy the natural scenery in some of the parks or nature reserves.

    Outdoor activities

    If you and your family have settled into your new home with reliable South Florida movers, it’s time for some fun. In Boynton Beach in late October, you can enjoy the unique Haunted Pirate Fest and Mermaid Splash event. This means you can participate in a treasure hunt, a costume contest, and a parade. This is a lot of fun, especially for children. If you want to get up close with nature, visit Everglades National Park and experience the world of the swamp up close. Animals you can see up close include alligators, crocodiles, panthers, and brown bears. You can hike the many trails in the park, go on a photo safari, or camp on the border of the park. Also, don’t miss the Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge. It represents the northernmost part of the Everglades wetland ecosystem.

    After moving from Palm Beach County to Boynton Beach with local movers Boynton Beach FL, you’ll still get year-round sunshine. You will still be surrounded by the sea, and you will have plenty of quality content. Considering the cost of living in Boyton Beach, the quality of life will be of a high standard.

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