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Ways to reward your moving crew for relocating you successfully from FL to Boston

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You are relocating home and there are many tasks to do. This time you are moving from Florida to Boston and you should work on your logistics, dedicate an adequate budget, organize packing, find movers, and sort out legalities. But among the regular moving tasks, one thing bothers you as well. How to reward your moving crew upon the successful relocation. It is something that people do not think that much upfront. But in case you do, we have a guide for you. Let us show you a few ways how you can do this right.

There are many ways to reward your moving crew for a job well done

In theory, there are many ways to reward your moving crew. But there are rules and regulations tied to the moving industry that prevent workers to take any kind of reward. Although not all moving companies enforce those rules and some of them are tied to the state, they operate in. All in all, a bunch of legalities that can prevent movers to take any kind of reward whether it is a gift or money. Then, there is a question of private rules that certain companies enforce. Some companies let their workers take whatever is offered as long it is appropriate. So, there are many variations but usually, rewards are the following:

  • Tips.
  • Food and drinks.
  • Donations after decluttering.
  • Referrals and reviews.
a woman shuffling through old items
Donating old clothing and furniture is a good way to say thanks and reward your movers.

Although, you must be careful of a moving company that receives cash on hand. Especially if they mention it before you or if they have a leading mover negotiating for the rest of the team. It can be a fraud or a scam of a sort and you do not want to be involved in it. Therefore, you must find a reputable moving crew and always pay with a credit card. We can recommend the New Leaf Moving Group Florida as a good moving-related source. Check them out and find your movers in a matter of seconds.

Moving services and the right approach

Everything begins with the right approach. The moment you contact your movers and the first impression they leave on you will matter greatly. This is the seed that will grow and give you the idea to reward your movers in the first place. If your movers are polite, understandable, helpful, and above all, reputable, then you will be pleased. The whole communication and the relationship with your moving company will result in a reward or a positive moving review.

Moreover, keep in mind that being polite is not enough for you to reward your movers. Yes, the laborers are just a crew of people that are working for the boss. You can reward them with drinks and snacks. But to reward the company with something bigger they must prove that the service and the moving package you have purchased is good. Therefore, check what they offer, compare prices, and read a few reviews. We recommend you to check packing services Florida, storage units rentals, long-distance relocations, and special moving services such as piano moving.

Should you tip your movers?

This is the most uncomfortable topic for everyone involved. Just because cash is involved and most customers do not know should they offer cash to movers or not. Some try and get rejected while others ask and then make uncomfortable situations. Nevertheless, it is a tricky one for sure. What we managed to gather over the years is that the best practice is to give $20 to each mover and be done with it. If they refuse, you should play cool and just offer some drinks and snacks as a good host should do it anyway.

two people exchanging 10 bucks
You can easily reward your movers with cash on hand but the question is if they will take it.

Also, when tipping movers, do not give too much because that can also be inappropriate or it can even hurt your budget. Just imagine having 5 movers and you give $50 each. That is a bit too much. But in the end, you should tip as much as you think is enough. If they accept tips in the first place, your long distance movers Boca Raton FL will highly appreciate the gesture.

Reward your moving crew with food and drinks

We already mentioned this one a couple of times and it is a common thing to do. Simply reward your moving crew by sharing snacks and beverages to refresh them somewhere in the middle of the moving process. If they are up to it, you can even ask them if would like to have a lunch but movers usually skip that one because it can mess up with the hard labor. Although, if they accept, then even more joy for you to reward them and be an amazing host. All in all, this is the most lucrative and the easiest way to reward your movers.

Leave a positive moving review

This one is simple as it can be. If you are satisfied with the outcome, say thanks and once your movers are gone, sit down and write a moving review. If you do not know how to do it, read a few on the internet as examples and you will learn in a few moments. Praise your company and tell other customers how satisfied you are with the service you have purchased. Leave time, date, and basic info about the move. Of course, leave full details about the company as a sort of advertisement but leave out your personal details. It is all that it takes to help your moving company grow and gather more customers in the future. There is no better way to say thanks than that.

leaving a review as a way to reward your moving crew
Leaving a positive moving review is the most rewarding thing you can do.

Reward them in any way you see fit

Lastly, you can reward your movers in any way you see fit. Give them gifts, money, old clothing, donations, food, whatever they are willing to take. Just make sure you are not getting into a scam, fraud, or any shady business. It is entirely up to you how you’ll handle this one. We gave you all the information you need, it is time for you to get innovative and use the knowledge we provided to make the best of it.

And now you know how to reward your moving crew. As you see, it is easy as it can be. All that matters is to keep your end of the bargain and to be a good host. If your movers are polite and they do their job like professionals, you will easily reward them. The only question is – how?

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