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Ways to burglar-proof your home after moving to CA from FL

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    After relocating to a new neighborhood, it is understandable that you want to feel safe and secure. Even if you researched enough and you know a lot about it, still, you must protect your property and your family. Therefore, you must burglar-proof your home before are as soon as you move in. And now when you are moving from Florida to California, you probably do not have a lot of time to spend on research on how to do it right. So, we will provide a few mandatory steps you must take to shield yourself from the outside world. Let’s take a look.

    Create a plan to burglar-proof your home in advance

    To create a plan on how to burglar-proof your home, you must thoroughly inspect all its vulnerabilities of it. Check all the entrances, windows, and your backyard of course. Make sure to take all the measurements if you know how to do it. If not, you’ll have to enlist a local contractor or a security professional to stop by and do it for you. Simply schedule a meeting and they will provide estimates within an hour.

    One more thing, while inspecting your home for security reasons, take all the measurements for your cross country movers Florida. They must know all about narrow corridors, staircases, small doors, etc. If there are any ofc. Gather info about everything that might make your mover’s job harder while unloading your stuff and taking it into your home. This way they can prepare the right tools, appropriate vehicles, bring more manpower, and more. Moreover, they will assemble a safer moving plan in general.

    reinforced door with a key
    If you are not sure who was the previous owner, simply change the entire lock.

    Good locks and doors can take you a long way

    As soon as you move in, change the old locks. No matter how well you know the previous owner, this is simply the mandatory thing to do. You can never know who lived there before the previous owner and who has the spare key. Therefore, change it and put your mind at ease. While you are at it, if your budget allows it, change the entire door. We advise you to invest a bit more and purchase the reinforced steel door. It will last forever and protect you adequately.

    You must install a security system to burglar-proof your home

    The best way to burglar-proof your home is simply to install security cameras all over the place. This includes indoor cameras and outdoor ones. But beware, such a project does not come cheap. Although, if you sign a contract with one of the companies to maintain the entire alarm system and subscribe to their services, then it is way cheaper. Some companies even provide the equipment for free as long as you use their services. And you pay their services monthly.

    trying to burglar-proof your home with cameras
    A few surveillance cameras around and inside your home will solve all your problems.

    So, you’ll have to check your local companies and figure out what fits your yearly budget. You can find those companies on the internet, in local ads, or ask your long distance movers Boca Raton FL. They know the area and have huge networks of associates. It wouldn’t come as a surprise if they can recommend a reliable security & surveillance company for you.

    There can never be enough lights around the house

    Finally, after installing your cameras and locking the door, to make yourself feel safer, you should light the place up. Yes, have as many lights as possible in your garden. Of course, keep yourself within limits of your electricity bill and remember, it is not a Christmas Eve 365 days a year. But having a nice and bright garden will keep burglars away. And of course, make you feel safer.

    Those were the main ways to burglar-proof your home. All you must do is to change your locks, install cameras and security systems, and communicate openly with New Leaf Moving Group. Do not be shy to share this subject with them especially if you are moving alone. They can help you protect yourself and provide valuable advice. In the end, feel free to add whatever you think will make you feel safer and more secure. Florida is quite safe and probably the biggest burglar out there is the weather. So there is nothing to worry about. Good luck and stay safe.

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