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Top tips to make moving out of state easy

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The dreaded cross-country moving or interstate relocation is something that many people find difficult. And they’re right, because moving down the street, for example, is complicated and tedious on its own. Now, imagine how much more demanding it is to move interstate. Luckily for you, New Leaf Moving Group Florida is here to help you. With our top tips to make moving out of state easy, you’ll know just what to do to avoid any mishaps and extra fees during the move. Aside from offering our moving services, we like to help our clients with these little tips and tricks. So, let’s run over some of the most basic things. We will be dividing these moving tips into three groups. This will make it easier for you to group things together and make a schedule so you can get things done on time. Without further ado, let’s take a look.

The first step to making your move out of state simple is to do research upfront

Some of the most frequent tips you will see online are to research, research, and do as much research as you can before the move. Learning about the place you plan on moving to is important, no doubt, but here are a couple of ways to do so. And of course, it makes sense, because moving from Chicago to Florida isn’t the same as, say, moving from Colorado to Florida. Here’s how to do it right.

girl researching tips to make moving out of state easy
The more you research before the move, the better.
  • Visit the place you plan to move to before moving out. Several times, preferably.
  • If you’re unable to visit your potential city or neighborhood, you can inspect it remotely. You can use many sites such as Niche, AreaVibes, or Neighborhood Watch to do so online.
  • You can also “see” the neighborhood and nearby areas using Google’s Street View feature.
  • Do research on your potential moving company! Look for online moving company reviews, and check if your movers have a license… If you need any special moving services, see if there is a company that offers what you need.
  • Everyone wants to save money on the move. Look into any deals or discounts your moving company might have. Additionally, if you’re moving because of work, there’s a chance you can save money, too! Whether you’re starting work in a new company or are being transferred, see if your employer offers relocation assistance.
  • To budget for your move, know the rules and regulations regarding taxes in your new state. Florida does not have a state income tax, but you’ll still have to file tax returns in both states. Other things you should consider are the rent or the cost of the new home you’re going to buy, cost of living changes, utilities, commuting, and so on…

The second group of tips to make moving out of state easy has lots to do with moving day preparation

After you do your research and hire one of the many moving companies Palm Beach County has available, it’s time to get ready. There are so many things you need to take care of before moving day, but again, there is nothing to worry about! New Leaf Moving Group can once again advise you. The things you want to do are the following:

people packing using a box
Do more things that’ll help you!
  • If you plan on doing some stuff on your own, order packing supplies on time, or, if your movers have the best moving services Boynton Beach has ever seen, hire packers to do the packing for you. More importantly, make sure to declutter before you move, as this can significantly reduce moving costs.
  • Come up with a packing plan that’ll help you pack efficiently. For example, start from rooms and areas you use the least- pack the items you know you won’t need any time soon.
  • Make arrangements and backup plans in case things take longer than expected. For example, ask a friend or family member if you can stay at their place. This is certainly better than paying a lot for a hotel in the middle of an unknown place. You can do the same for any children you might have, as such a long and stressful procedure can take quite the toll on them.
  • Cancel and transfer all memberships and utilities before the move. For example, cancel that gym membership if you won’t be going to it anymore. In terms of your cable company or internet provider, ask if you can transfer your services to your new home. Better yet, some companies might even offer discounts for opening a new account!
  • Arrange a shipment for your car, if any.
  • Confirm the moving and arrival date with your movers.

Last but not least, make sure that you can start living in the new state with ease!

For a smooth start, make sure that you can live and work normally in Florida! If you have any school-age children, notify their schools of the leave and transfer their records. Got joint custody and still plan on moving with the kids? Consider hiring an attorney that knows child relocation laws before moving to Florida. If you have a professional license, you want to see how your state’s laws differ from the laws in Florida, as every state has different licensing requirements and transfer policies. Make sure you have a bag or box of essentials you’ll take with you. Not even the best company that specializes in long distance moving Florida has ever seen can be 100% accurate in terms of arrival time. Something can always go wrong and things can take way too long, so it’s best to have some elementary things with you.

a beach in florida
Some of these tips will definitely make moving out of state easy, or at least easier than usual.

We hope that our top tips to make moving easy will help you before, during, and after the move. We have one more moving tip we forgot to mention, and that is to hire New Leaf Moving Group for all of your relocation needs in the state of Florida! Our team is experienced, we have reliable movers, and we do our best to please our clients. What are you waiting for, get a free moving quote on our website today!

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