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Tips when signing a moving contract

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Moving to a new home can be hard and overwhelming. There are many tasks you need to do before you even start moving. When you decide to relocate, it is always a good option to hire professional help. That means that the whole process will be more pleasing and even stress-free. But, there are some things that you should pay attention to when signing a moving contract. So, we’ll give you some tips and help you hire the right interstate moving companies Florida based. Keep reading to learn some great information you should know before hiring a moving company and when acquiring a moving contract.

What is the moving contract?

The first and most important question you probably have is what a moving contract even is. That’s a good question! To state it simply, a moving contract is a legally binding and signed deal between you and the moving company you hire. It contains the rights and duties of both you and the company you hire. It will cover all the agreements on services, schedules, pricing, and other important matters. There will be no mistakes, and it will help you stop any trouble and arguments. Because of that, we advise you to read it thoroughly before signing a moving contract.

two women doing paperwork
Carefully read your contract before signing to avoid any issues

Do your research before choosing a moving company

The best way to make sure that you’re hiring a reliable moving company is to research on your own. Before signing a moving contract, you could check their website and read the reviews you find there. Also, you can ask them for references from past clients that you can call and confirm. Once you have reduced down your search to 2-3 moving companies, have estimators come to your home to get a free estimate. Keep in mind that those made over the phone are not safe and that you are probably dealing with a false company.

Is your moving company licensed and insured?

Before you hire a moving company, you need to know if they hold insurance and a license. It is essential because your movers are the ones in charge of the safe relocation of your personal belongings. They are also responsible for any damaged or broken items during the move to your new home. If they are licensed, they will provide you with a piece of evidence to prove their statement.

It is in the company’s best interest to have more clients and that their clients trust them. Therefore, a reliable company will be happy to give answers to all of your questions and concerns. In case you can’t find a reliable moving company, feel free to rely on movers Boca Raton residents love. This way, you can rest assured that your possessions are in safe hands and that your relocation will go as smoothly as possible.

signing a moving contract
Always check for insurance and a license when hiring a moving company

Types of moving estimates

Generally, there are three types of moving estimates:

  • Binding moving estimates. If you decide on getting a binding estimate, you’re taking a fixed relocation price based on the weight of your belongings. There will not be any other costs unless you add more weight to your shipment or ask for additional moving services.
  • Non-binding moving estimate. It is exposed to change, depending on the weight of your items and special services provided by your mover.
  • Not-to-exceed moving estimates. It is great because you will be paying the calculated price even if your items end up weighing more than expected.

The bill of lading and why it is important

The bill of lading works as the formal document of the terms and conditions that you and your moving company agreed upon. It is defined based on the service, and it should match it completely. The movers are obligated to provide you with the bill of lading on moving day. You are also required to sign it before the moving process starts. 

We encourage you to read the document carefully and confirm that the details of your move are correct. You should make sure that you understand and agree with all the clauses in it before you sign the moving contractYour bill of lading must include:

  • Your contact details and personal information
  • Company contact details and information
  • The origin and destination of the shipment
  • The scheduled pick-up and delivery dates
  • List of all services with costs
  • Agreed payment method
  • Plan in case of a dispute
  • The IDs of the vehicles that will transport your things

Read all the terms and conditions first

Additionally, ask your moving company to enlist every aspect of your relocation in the contract. That includes different moving services such as storage rent, packing and unpacking, long-distance costs if that is the case, or any other costs. Otherwise, there is no guarantee that the moving company will provide you with that service. Don’t forget to read the terms and conditions of the company you hired.

man taping moving box
Moving companies usually charge an extra fee for packing services

The inventory list

The first thing the movers will do once they come to your home is to write an inventory list of all the things you have for moving. You want to make sure that you added all the items you’re going to trust to the moving company on the inventory list. Mark the state of your things correctly. This way, you will have proof of the pre-move condition of your items in case you need to file a damage claim.

We know that reading and signing so many papers can be hard. But, you must read and know everything about them. The main goal for doing all of this is your protection and safety. If you don’t know all the terms and conditions, you could become the victim of a fraud. And that is one of the general moving mistakes to avoid. So, to save your nerves, money, and ensure you have a stress-free relocation, just follow these tips when signing a moving contract. Good luck! We wish you a nice move!

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