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Tips for preparing employees for an office move in Florida

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Moving your offices and your business can be quite a challenge. You must prepare a step-by-step plan, pack everything, and find reliable movers Palm Beach County. On top of it all, you must inform and prepare all your employees for this adventure. Therefore, we decided on helping you out with a small guide on preparing employees for an office move. Let us keep your relocation organized and successful.

When is your moving date?

Everything revolves around your moving date. As soon as you decide when you are going to move, then you’ll know when to start preparing employees for an office move. You must give yourself and your employees enough time to adjust to the whole change and decide what is in their best interest. Especially, if you are moving from Florida to Boston or some other state. This might mean they need to change their address or find another job. Of course, this widely depends on the nature and the scale of your business.

Also, as soon as you figure out the moving date, you should start working on your moving logistics. Create a moving checklist, inventory list, calculate moving budget, and pack. Finally, after you have your moving plan on paper, you should contact one of the moving companies in South Florida and put your moving date on the schedule. Remember to ask for the business moving team straight away and let them help you further.

preparing employees for an office move
Inspect your new offices and ensure they can accommodate your business and the needs of your employees.

Inspect your new offices

Obviously, you already know the address where your new office is going to be. But have you looked at the blueprints and worked on your new office layout? This should be the first thing to do if you haven’t already. Try to put all the requirements on paper and decide how to make it all work out. So, inspect your new environment inside out and write everything down. You want to know how many rooms, floors, doors, hallways, bathrooms, and garage spaces there are. This way you’ll know what kind of space you have on your hands and if you can fit all the items your previous offices had. More importantly, if your employees will have everything needed for work. And if you’ll have any downtime that might cost you in a long run.

One important thing to pay attention to is the infrastructure, accessibility, and readiness. You will be packing and moving electronics and other equipment. And probably a lot of it. Therefore, your new offices should have enough space to accommodate everything. But also to have your working network already established and a stable internet in place. You should be able to set up your equipment and get your systems up and running the same day you relocate.

Preparing employees for an office move with carefully coordinated tasks

Ok, now when you created your moving plan and prepared your new offices, you can start preparing employees for an office move. Firstly, you must bring the good news to your most trusted and most reliable coworkers. Then, depending on the hierarchy, you should assign tasks and inform the rest of your working team accordingly. Share the workload with your employees and let them assist and help in any way possible. You must know that you can’t do this one alone. You will need a lot of help and good coordination among the team to pull this out. So, send an email asking for volunteers and at the same time provide all moving-related details. Inform everyone and give them enough time to process this information and respond to it. Once you have the feedback, then you can assign tasks and organize your employees.

You will be preparing employees for an office move but you must search for a moving company as well

Organizing everything will take most of your time in the upcoming weeks. Hopefully, you’ll have at least a month to set your plan in motion. For bigger businesses, it goes from 6 months up to a year to execute a business relocation. This means you must contact your long distance movers Boca Raton Fl on time as well. If you decided on a certain date and you already have a moving company in mind, you must check with them first if they are free and ready to assist you. If not, you must begin your search straight away. Check online and find an appropriate business moving team.

A guy carrying cardboard boxes around
Find the moving company you like and give them a call well in advance.

Communicate with the moving representative and confirm they have all the knowledge, tools, licenses, and permits to operate. Then, check their prices, services, and read a few moving reviews. Confirm the legitimacy of your moving company and hire them once you are ready. But do not forget to schedule your moving date upfront. Good moving companies are booked a month in advance.

Can your budget support it?

Ok, after you put your plan on paper and contacted your movers, you are ready to work on your budget. With the info obtained, you can begin calculating moving costs. Remember to include all the employee’s wishes and suggestions in the whole picture. Your employees might have additional requests or more time to organize. It can cost a bit but if you are keeping the order and the happiness of your staff, then it should be ok. All in all, be open to suggestions and dedicate a stretching moving budget if possible. It should cover all the expenses and unexpected costs as well.

A person counting money
Can your budget support your relocation? Figure this out as soon as possible.

Legalities and documentation

This one is tricky when it comes to office relocation. More so if you have a lot of employees lined up. We suggest asking for legal guidance regarding this topic because there will be a lot of paperwork involved. It all depends on the state you are moving to, the number of workers you have, and the scale of the move. We will list down all the most important legalities you should cover. Consider the following:

  • Personal documents, IDs, passports, and driver’s license.
  • Medical records.
  • Credit cards.
  • Important moving documents.

These are just the mandatory ones. Considering the laws and regulations of your new environment, you might add a few more. But for now, you can contact your HR and payroll who will contact your employees officially and inform them about the necessary documentation and how to handle the whole situation. You and your employees should have all the documents we mentioned up to date and ready to be used in your new offices.

Preparing employees for an office move is not that hard as you can see. Just always keep open communication with them and give both sides enough time to respond to questions. You will see that your employees can assist greatly and help you organize and execute your moving project flawlessly. And we wish you the same. A successful and safe relocation. Good luck.

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