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Tips for moving an aquarium from Florida to Boston

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Moving, in general, is very hard and complicated. It takes lots of preparation and planning, and a lot of effort as well. Things become even tougher if you have pets with you. Moving from Florida to Boston with a cat or dog is one thing. However, moving with an animal that lives in an enclosure is difficult and a different thing. When it comes to moving fish to your new Boston home, there are many things to pay attention to. These tips for moving an aquarium from Florida to Boston will hopefully help make your relocation with your precious pet fish easy. There are many in-depth articles about the topic out there, but we will cover the most essential steps to make this daunting task easier.

Tools and equipment you need to move an aquarium

When you move to Boston, you will have to empty your fish tank. This means you will have to move everything that was once inside the aquarium separately, like plants, décor, equipment, and of course, your fish as well. The first thing you must do is gather all supplies you need to move your aquarium as early as possible. Chances are you already have some things you are going to need. You will just have to get the rest later on. Look for supplies in a local aquarium shop, or you can look online. You can find aquarium supplies at Aquacadabra and similar websites online.

moving an aquarium with goldfish and plant inside
Gather all supplies you need to move your aquarium as soon as possible.
  • A siphon hose is needed for removing water from the tank.
  • A fishnet for safely moving your fish from the tank.
  • You’ll need fish bags and rubber bands or containers with lids to move small fish. With fish bags, do not blow into them to inflate them. Fish bags must be filled with 1/3 with water and 2/3 air, or 50% water and 50% pure oxygen. There are fish stores that might pack your fish in water and oxygen for a fee. For more safety, we recommend double bagging and placing bags sideways for additional comfort of your fish.
  • For larger fish, we recommend 5-gallon buckets, of course, with lids.
  • You will need clean buckets or plastic tubs with secure lids to transport plants and keep them underwater.
  • We strongly recommend using duct tape to secure all containers with lids.
  • Other supplies include but are not limited to water conditioners, air pumps, blankets or bubble wrap, a hand cart, leveling shims, wire strainer, etc.
  • Insulation materials are also more than welcome, such as coolers or Styrofoam shipping containers with liners.

Prepare for moving an aquarium from Florida to Boston

We will say this right away: do not try to lift and move your aquarium if it has water or gravel in it! Not even the best long distance movers Boca Raton FL can save your fish tank from damage if you don’t empty the tank first. Before you relocate, check if the place you’re moving to is suitable for your fish tank. For starters, the floor in your new location should support the tank’s weight. There should be a power supply near your aquarium. Check the forecast and make sure to avoid relocating the tank during days of extreme heat or cold to avoid damage and such. Two weeks before the move, you should perform a 25% water change and slightly vacuum the substrate, as well as lightly clean the filter and keep it damp. Wipe and dry the aquarium completely before moving, and transport 75-80% original tank water.

people catching goldfish from an aquarium
Be very cautious when moving an aquarium from Florida to Boston.

More tips for moving your fish tank across the country

Before you send it to your new home, you want to pack your aquarium properly. If you don’t think you can do this by yourself, look for your movers’ packing services Florida and let the pros do all the work. For starters, the lid should be taken off and wrapped in air-filled plastic wrapping, and then secured with tape. Use foam board by cutting it to fit the bottom of the tank. Fill the aquarium with packing paper, towels, or whatever you think will be safe enough. Then, wrap the tank with air-filled padding and place it in a moving box. Place insulation around the tank’s sides and fill the space between the box and the tank itself. Keep in mind that the box should have enough space for the tank and insulation, but not enough space for the tank to shift around inside of it. As for transportation…

  • Make sure there’s enough space to maneuver with the tank. This means that doorways should be wide enough for the tank to pass through them. It also means that the hallways should be spacious enough for the aquarium to be turned and carried from room to room. This also applies to stairways and any other narrow spaces.
  • When it comes to transporting fish, you must be cautious. Do not feed your fish 24 hours before the move. Also, since trucks are usually not temperature controlled, fish should be kept in the cabin of the truck or your car
  • You might even want to consider giving your fish away and purchasing new ones after you have your aquarium moved. If not, you can check with a local fish shop to see if they’ll board your fish and ship them overnight after you finally have your tank set up.
man leaning on table with aquarium and fairy lights
Move your aquarium properly!

Moving your aquarium is not an easy task

Nothing is easy if you don’t have any tips or tricks to guide you through the process. This is why New Leaf Moving Group Florida assembled a list of tips for moving an aquarium from Florida to Boston to help you out. We want all of our clients to have safe and stress-free relocations. This is why we try to help in any way possible, whether it’s through our Florida moving services or articles on the internet. We hope your relocations will be safe, fast, and pleasant!

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