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Tips for loading a moving truck for a move from FL

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Are you unsure of how you should approach loading a moving truck for a move? Well, in that case, you are in the right place! We are here to show you how to load a moving truck for a move from FL successfully and safely.  There are multiple ways to position your items and pack them for the moving truck. So, this is why it is important to know how to do it properly. We also want to mention the importance of hiring reliable Florida relocation companies when organizing and planning a move from FL.

How to deal with loading a moving truck for a move like a pro

Take a look at your inventory

There are many things that go into planning and organizing your relocation. One of them is determining the size of your inventory. You have to know exactly how many items you have and which items you plan on packing and putting in a moving truck. One of the things that you can create to help you pack your items is a  packing checklist. You can use this checklist later when you start loading your items onto a moving truck.

Creating checklist for loading a moving truck for a move
Create a simple checklist of your items to see which you plan on packing and which are going to be loaded onto a moving truck.

Determine what size of a rental truck you need for your move

When you hire movers you also have to keep in mind that you need to rent a truck for your move. This should be done at least a month before your relocation date. Most moving companies offer a number of different sized trucks. However, there are also some universal sized moving trucks. Whichever truck you choose, make sure that it will the size of your inventory. Of course, you can always rent a smaller truck but if it needs to take two trips you will end up paying more money than if you were doing one trip with a larger truck. To make sure that you choose the right size truck rental for your next move, read the truck rental company’s size guidelines carefully.

Organize your packing process

Gather the right packing supplies

Packing is a long process and it needs to be done properly. It can get boring and annoying at times but you have to do it. Since packing is such a big part of every relocation, there are also some things that you need to do in order to complete it successfully. One of them is getting the right packing supplies to pack your items properly. Packing supplies and materials are there to keep your items safe and protected while they are being transported on a moving truck to your new home. However, if some of your boxes are not closed properly, for example, you may run into some damaged items when you start unpacking. So, here is a list of basic packing supplies that you need to get for your inventory:

  • High-quality cardboard boxes. You can get these in different sizes depending on your inventory. However, the important thing is to get good quality cardboard boxes.
  • Protective materials and padding. Bubble wrap, packing foam, and various padding materials all play a huge role in keeping your items safe during transport.
  • Packing tape and scissors. To keep your boxes closed during a move, use packing tape and wrap it several times around each opening.
  • Labeling materials. Use various labeling materials such as markets to properly label each box for its contents.

If you are unsure whether or not you can get all of the necessary packing supplies, contact movers that offer excellent moving services Boynton Beach including packing, to help you out.

People packing together
Make sure you get the necessary packing supplies before loading a moving truck for a move.

Ask your friends to help you with the packing

We have mentioned already that the packing process is difficult. In order to make it easier, you may want to ask your friends for some help. If you can, assign different roles and tasks to your friends. Everyone should tackle one room at a time. Packing with friends is going to make everything go faster and it will also be more fun. However, do not rush with the packing process. The last thing you want is to break some of your items when packing or leave them behind because you were in a rush. Give yourself at least a month of time to complete the packing process properly. Make sure that each box is folded and constructed properly.

Loading your items onto a truck

The largest and heavier items go first

First of all, you will likely have a lot of furniture to pack and load onto a moving truck. To do it properly, you have to first disassemble it. This will also help you save room for other items. When loading a moving truck for a move, these heavier pieces of furniture should be put first. Tables, chairs, washers, machines, etc. are all part of this category. These items go first and should not be put on top of each other to avoid damage. Place them towards the front part of the truck.

Use moving straps

When loading your items you want to make sure they are all firm and steady during transport. There is no point in simply placing a heavier item that is going to move around the truck. This will only damage the rest of your inventory. When doing long distance moving Florida, use moving straps to secure all of your items on the moving truck.

Cardboard boxes inside a moving truck
Hire professionals and use moving straps to secure your inventory when it is loaded onto a truck for the move.

Load the lightest items last and distribute weight properly

The lighter items in your inventory should be loaded last. They can be put on top of some of the heavier items. However, you also need to make sure these are firm as well. The most important step is to ensure that the weight is distributed evenly throughout the truck. This is why you should always hire reliable and experienced local movers Boynton Beach FL.

With the right movers, good organization, and proper packing, you are going to complete loading a moving truck for a move successfully and safely.

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