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Things You Can Find Only in New Jersey

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When moving, a lot of feelings will be involved. You will experience everything, from happiness to frustration. Excitement will also be present because you will want to know what’s to come. And if you picked New Leaf Moving Group Florida to be your helpers, and you are moving to a unique place, you will have all the reasons for excitement. New Jersey might not sound like the most interesting place on earth, but you can find a lot of interesting things here. In this article, we will talk about the things you can find only in New Jersey.

What Are Some Unique Things You Can Find Only in New Jersey?

New Jersey is one of the smallest states in the USA, but in that small area, you can find a lot of awesome things. It has 9,3 million residents, which makes it one of the most densely populated states. There are many benefits of living in this part of the country, and that’s why numerous people are hiring some interstate moving companies Florida to make New Jersey their home. But apart from the obvious, the beautiful beaches, low crime rate, and highly rated school system, there are also some things you can find only in New Jersey. These are:

  • The mysterious tripod rock
  • A monument on a Martian landing site
  • An intact WWII bunker
Picture of two pair of hiking boots
For a small state, New Jersey has lots to offer

Tripod rock

Nature never fails to amaze us. For those who love hiking, this will be one of the mandatory things to see soon after relocating with the help of some moving companies from Florida to New Jersey. It is located in Kinnelon, in the Pyramid Mountains. It weighs a few tons, and still in manages to balance on three significantly smaller rocks. An interesting belief is that it also aligns with the setting point of the sun and the summer solstice.

Martian landing site monument

In 1938, Grovers Mill has become popular thanks to a radio broadcast. Extraterrestrial life has always been amazing to humans, so this place was depicted in the broadcast as the first Martian landing site on October 30 that year. Even though this Halloween episode was fictional, many people took it seriously, and this place became a popular spot for Martian fans. It might not be a tourist hotspot, but it is worth seeing if you are in the area. Moving with some moving services in Boynton Beach won’t have you spending much energy, so you can use it to get to know new places.

WWII bunker

Even though the bunker was meant to be there only temporarily, plans have changed and this massive construction still stands on the borders of Cape May County. It is always interesting to passengers and newcomers, but locals take it as a fact of life. It is believed that it was used as ammunition storage when it was built in 1942. Then, it was 900 feet away from the ocean on high ground, but with the tide changing, the water has gotten close to the building. Even though you cannot walk underneath it anymore, it is still worth a visit during a day at the beach. It will give you mixed feelings, but it is worth seeing.

Picture of a person standing in a dark hallway
One of the things you can find only in New Jersey is a mysterious bunker

Things You Can Find in New Jersey Are Worth Visiting

As you can see, this state has some things you can find only in New Jersey. Interesting places to see, combined with the benefits of living here make a combination that attracts people. You might not feel like that right now due to all the moving day stress, but give it time. Once you get used to your new home, everything will be easier. Have fun while exploring all those great places.

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