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Things to do immediately after moving into your Boynton Beach house

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The majority of people focus on the time before the move. All the tasks that need to be done make this quite logical. Once you get to your new home after you finish moving with New Leaf Moving Group, you are not quite done yet. We know, you don’t have the will and strength to do anything else, but once you finish these tasks, you will be able to relax. Doing these things after moving into your Boynton Beach house will ensure that the post-moving period passes without any problems.

Things to do after moving into your Boynton Beach house

Moving into a new home is much more than just unpacking. It will for sure take the most time to finish, but there are plenty of other important things to do. Once some long distance movers Boynton Beach leave, you will have plenty of work to do. Some of the things to do after relocating into your Boynton Beach house are:

  • Change the locks on your outside doors
  • Set up your utilities
  • Childproof
  • Clean
Picture of a family moving in
Moving in is much more than unpacking

Change the locks

No matter if you bought a new home or bought it from a previous owner, you will get the keys to the house. But there might only be that one pair of keys. Many other people could have copies too. This gives anyone who has the keys access to your home. This way you won’t be at peace after moving in using some moving services Boynton Beach. You might not be able to do this on the first day, but the sooner you do it, the better.

Set up your utilities

Even though this should be done before your moving day with some residential movers Boynton Beach, many people decide to do it after. Even though it is not the most convenient option, you can still do it. If you moved in from another state, you will probably have to contact new utility providers. Do this for the electricity, gas, internet, and phone.


If you have small children and toddlers, you know just how important it is to make a new home a child-friendly place. Childproofing is the only way to do this. After moving with kids, you will probably be in a home that’s not childproofed. Lock the drawers, cover the electrical outlets, and close the windows and any other places and items that could be a potential hazard. Kids are curious and their curiosity will only be sparked after they find themselves in a new environment. To avoid headaches, do this as soon as you can, or have your kids away from the house until you do this


The previous owners or tenants probably cleaned the place before leaving, but how much time has passed since then? We all know how fast dust accumulates, and how annoying it can be. If you don’t want to do a deep clean, the least you could and should do is clean the dust.

Picture of a cleaning supply
The least you could do is clean the dust

Conclusion on things to do after moving into your Boynton Beach house

After moving into your Boynton Beach house, there will be plenty of things to do. You should prioritize and do the most urgent and important tasks first, like childproofing if you have kids. We wish you good luck!

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