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Things Floridians love about Chicago

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Florida: The Sunshine State, known for its warm and sunny climate, beach resorts, amusement parks, and for being the home to the Florida man. Although it may be your favorite place in the world, you might find yourself having to move out. You might end up having to move to Chicago, and you’ll achieve that with New Leaf Moving Group Florida‘s help. However, what does Chicago have that Florida doesn’t? This article contains several things Floridians love about Chicago, and you’ll love them too. In other words, you’ll learn what makes Chicago such a good place to live in. From the economy to the layout and culture, this city has a lot to offer to Floridians seeking to move. Chicago is in Illinois, after all, so to lessen the culture shock, you want to get accustomed to it first. That being said, it’s time to learn about Chicago!

What is the city of Chicago like overall?

With a population of almost 2,7 million, Chicago is, without a doubt, an urban metropolis. As a matter of fact, Niche considers it the best place to live in Illinois! As a matter of fact, the Chicago metropolitan area is an excellent place to live, according to many other sources. For the most part, it’s families and young professionals that choose to move to Chicago for many reasons. The many opportunities,  good quality of life, and overall urban feeling make Chicago so desirable. But, it’s best to get to the point right away and point out some important factors about living in Chicago.

woman with jacket drinking coffee
Though there are many things Floridians love about Chicago, we must note that the two places are quite different.

We hope you have a good job because Chicago’s cost of living is 23% higher than the national average. While not as expensive as New York or San Francisco, it’s in the same rank as Boston or Seattle. While Florida’s cost of living, in general, is higher than that of Illinois, moving to Chicago is a big investment. The job market is very diverse, however, so you’ll definitely find a job that you enjoy and that pays well. Moving to Chicago from Florida often happens because of various job offers! On top of that, in terms of housing, Chicago is a seller’s market, just like in Florida, which is a thing some Floridians might appreciate about Chicago. In other words, finding and buying or renting a home will be a breeze in Chicago. 

Florida is called The Sunshine State, but Chicago is called The Windy City! Get ready for hot and humid summers, as well as chilly winter months. For those who love some cold and snow during winter, moving to Chicago won’t be a mistake.

The things Floridians love about Chicago also include its amenities

Before you look for interstate moving companies Florida locals trust, explore Chicago some more. Depending on your background and needs, there are a few more things you need to know about Chicago.

Chicago consists of over 70 different communities, spread over 9 districts. Chicago has many neighborhoods, the most well-known ones being North Chicago, South Chicago, West Chicago, and The Chicago Loop. If safety is a major concern in your life, North Chicago is the best pick for you as it’s considered the safest. There are also plenty of good schools scattered all around the city: approximately 737 public schools. What else does The Windy City have to offer to Floridians?

drinks are some of the things Floridians love about Chicago
Chicago’s food scene is one of the best out there.
  • Illinois in general has slightly better health care than Florida. Chicago is no exception.
  • The schools are also better than those in Florida.
  • Chicago is great for people that love to go out! Plenty of cafes, restaurants, street food vendors… The food scene in Chicago is unique, with some of its most famous dishes being deep-dish pizza, hot dogs, and barbecue… 
  • Of course, nothing beats Walt Disney World, but The Windy City has sights to offer to Floridians, too. The Art Institute Of Chicago has well over 300,000 pieces of art on display. The Chicago Theatre is a must-see for all of you who love plays, concerts, and all sorts of shows. Got kids that love fish or are you a fish lover yourself? Then make sure to visit the Shedd Aquarium when you have the time. It’s home to 32,000 sea creatures, and it welcomes millions of visitors every year. 

Moving to Chicago: how do Floridians do it?

Now that you’ve learned some things about Chicago, and hopefully done some additional research, it’s time to make a decision. Will you, or will you not move from Florida to Chicago? If your answer is yes, then we must move on to the process of the move itself. When moving cross-country, you want to hire professional movers in Florida because it’s such a delicate, tedious, and long-term task. Usually, many a company specializes in long distance moving Florida. However, it’s important that your company is registered with the FMCSA, and has a US DOT number. Otherwise, a moving company that doesn’t comply with either of these guidelines can’t legally move your home. It’s a long trip from Florida to Chicago, so it’s better to be safe than sorry and hire pro movers!

long distance moving company van
For great endeavors like cross-country moving, it’s always better to hire a licensed, reputable moving company.

All in all, we’ve mentioned some of the things Floridians love about Chicago, and we’ve given you a key tip for moving cross-country. Of course, make sure to do more research, and see things for yourself. New Leaf Moving Group will happily assist you in your upcoming move: from packing and hauling things, to driving them from one state to another. We’re licensed and experienced and will be more than happy to move your Florida home to Chicago. All it takes is a single free moving quote. You can get one today on our website, and get in contact with us so we can discuss your relocation in detail!

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