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The ultimate pre-move checklist

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If you want to conduct a safe and successful relocation, you must have a proper plan in place. Also, you should organize packing and search for reliable movers. And those are just a few steps you must take. There are many more and if you want to remember everything and keep up with the schedule, you should assemble a pre-move checklist. You are relocating to Boca Raton and if you want to cover each step adequately, you must have one on you. So, let us help you create your moving checklist and secure your relocation project.

Calculate your moving costs and note it all down on your pre-move checklist

To realize your moving costs, you must inspect your home and your belongings first. And because moving from Florida to Seattle is not cheap at all, you should do this one right. Therefore, inspect all rooms inside your home along with the attic, basement, garage, and backyard. Note down the number of furniture and sort it into categories. Also, you must cover your other belongings, miscellaneous items, and random items around the house. Once you have it all on paper, you’ll know how many packing supplies are required. Then you can contact your movers and provide this information so they can provide the moving quote. Only then you’ll know the exact moving price.

A woman counting money
Calculate our moving costs, prepare a budget, and note it all down onto your list.

Search for a moving company

Ok, you have everything on paper and it is time to find one of the trustworthy long distance moving companies in Florida. Find one online by browsing websites and compare services, feedbacks, and prices. Narrow it down to a few top choices and give them a call. Check if they possess all the licenses, permits, tools, and enough experience manpower to cover your moving tasks. You’ll find your match within an hour.

Your pre-move checklist should have a detailed packing plan

Now when you know how many packing supplies are required, you should visit your nearest store and obtain everything. Or you can purchase everything online or from your moving companies in South Florida. Choose the option most convenient for you. But ensure you obtain the following:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Labels
  • Packing tape
  • Packing paper

Pack gradually covering room by room. If you have valuable and hard-to-handle items, you can obtain better quality packing materials. Just make sure you put everything required on your pre-relocation checklist to avoid forgetting something.

Out with the old!

A great way to reduce the moving cost and to have easier packing is to get rid of unused items. So, while inspecting your belongings, set aside all those items that are either broken or unused. Those can be electronics, appliances, old clothing, furniture, etc. And when you pile everything up, you can recycle, donate, give away, or sell online.

Include de-cluttering into your pre-move checklist
Remember to de-clutter as much as possible.

Legalities and documents

You must cover all your personal documents, legalities, and know rights and responsibilities when moving. This means you should check all your IDs, licenses, credit cards, medical records, etc. Also, all your moving-related documents, cellphone services, internet services, and to reroute your mail and set up a PO box. Everything should be up to date and transferred to your new address in due time. Add all requirements to your moving checklist because you can easily forget something.

Ok, now you know how your pre-move checklist should look like. If you follow our guide, you will have everything you need. Be free to add whatever you think is relevant and cover all moving stages adequately. Hopefully, you won’t forget a thing and you’ll keep up with the moving schedule. Good luck.

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