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The ultimate list of packing supplies to check out

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You decided on moving from Florida to Boston and you need help with the moving logistics? Don’t worry, we bring you a small guide on how to do it right and the complete list of packing supplies you should obtain. Let us pack and prepare like pros!

Find an adequate moving team first

The very first step on this journey is to search for movers Florida. You will find them easily online by comparing services, feedbacks, and prices. But before you do, you must inspect your home and figure out how much belongings you must pack. Note everything down on your moving checklist, including the furniture as well.

A whole family packing for the move
You will need to find enough cardboard boxes to support your relocation project, so first count your items

Contact your movers

Once you have it all listed, contact your movers and browse through their relocation services Florida. With the info you brought, they will organize your move much better and provide a precise moving quote. Also, while checking the services, pay attention to the packing service. Your movers can bring all the supplies, pack, and unpack you. It sounds good, right? You can skip the whole packing process if you wish so.

Moving boxes are the first on the list of packing supplies

The most important item in the whole packing process is the container you will use to transport your items in. It can be a wooden crate, metal box, plastic bin, or cardboard box. The first two are usually already in our homes while plastic bins are purchased in the hardware store. And for the cardboard box, you must know it is the best option out there. It is reusable, cheap, and eco-friendly. Hence, obtain at least 30 of those in all shapes and sizes and have fun while packing. And do not worry for a second because your cardboard box can hold up to 50lb. Just make sure not to overstuff them and they will endure the journey ahead.

Cushions and buffers

You can purchase a full set of cushiony items or use those you already have at home. So, the most used one is a blister pack or widely known as a bubble wrap. It is the best solution to wrap items individually and to create a nice base for your boxes. A bit more expensive substitution is Styrofoam and packing peanuts. On the other hand, you can entirely support your packing with your blankets, sheets, old clothing, etc. Or you can combine the two and make it all work out nicely. The cardboard and corner pads are used for protection as well. You figure out what is the best and put it on your list of packing supplies.

Support items

There are two main items from this category. One is packing tape which you can use to tape your boxes or anything you like. We suggest purchasing the higher-quality one because something must hold your boxes and furniture together until the end. And the second item is the labels. You must have a labeling system for your boxes to raise awareness of the content inside. Also, to have easier unpacking. Therefore, create a label for each box and ensure your items are safe and nicely tucked in.

Packing tape is on the list of packing supplies
Obtain good quality packing tape to hold your boxes nicely.

Basic tools are also on the list of packing supplies

Of course, you will have to use a proper set of basic home tools to support your packing adventure. The use of those tools is obvious and we will make a shortlist you should check out. Obtain the following:

  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver or a power drill
  • Pliers
  • Pocket knife or a box cutter
  • Measuring tape

Obtain the tools we mentioned so you can disassemble furniture and cut your tapes and cardboard easily.

Now you are ready to start moving to Boynton Beach FL. Just ensure your list of packing supplies, your moving checklist, and a moving company is ready for your moving date. We are sure you’ll organize everything like a pro and reach the other side successfully.

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