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The items you should avoid moving long-distance

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You are planning to move long-distance, but you’re unsure whether you should bring all of your beloved items? You’re in the right place. New Leaf Moving Group has a lot of experience in long-distance moves. We’ve gathered our experience and knowledge to help you get over this move as quickly and stress-free as possible. To do so, you should know that you won’t be able to bring everything to your new place. There are items you should avoid moving long-distance. Some things will have to be sold or donated so that you could lower the moving costs. We know that leaving items behind can be a difficult decision. If you’ve decided to make your move easier and to take advice from a reliable moving company, keep on reading to find out how!

Why should you leave some belongings behind?

Firstly, you’re lowering the costs. If you bring fewer items, you’ll have to pay less for the transportation process. That’s one of the main principles that we’ll be coming over to again and again.

some books are items you should avoid moving long-distance
Some things will have to be sold or donated so that you could lower the moving costs. We know that leaving items behind can be a difficult decision, but it’s a necessary one.

Secondly, you’ll have fewer items that you have to pack and you will save time. When planning a long-distance move, time is crucial. You’ll have more time to deal with things like documentation, job, or informing yourself of your new legal rights in a new state. And lastly, you won’t risk some of those items getting broken during the travel and thus losing money in the middle of an already expensive move. Leaving things behind and dealing with them differently can help you.

The items you should leave behind or get rid of when moving long-distance:

  • Old items – Those are the items you should avoid moving at all costs, with an exception of antiques 
  • Items that easily fall apart
  • Perishable items 
  • Big and bulky furniture
  • Things that you can sell now and buy at the new location

Old items are items you should avoid moving long-distance

If you encounter any problems moving old items, you can always turn to Boca Raton Movers. They can help you deal with the old pieces that fall apart. Some of the older items can even be dangerous, especially if they are bulky. When that happens, it’s best if you throw them away or resell for a certain amount of money. You can use that money to buy a new piece of furniture at your new home.

The old items are often dangerous and by handling them yourself you risk getting injured during the process. Imagine how those items would bear the long-distance move and several transportation systems. Would they get damaged or damage other items during the transport? Sometimes items like that, however dear, waste much more energy, time, and money than they are worth. It’s best if you refrain from bringing old items with you.

old chairs
Some of the older items aren’t worth transporting – a better move would be to resell them or donate them to reduce the transporting costs.

Bulky furniture pieces should be avoided

The bulky furniture pieces are complicated to move short-distance. If you don’t have any piece of furniture that’s absolutely essential, it would save you a lot of time and money to handle that situation differently. By reselling your current furniture, you don’t have to pay for the transport of big, bulky items and you can use that money to buy some new furniture at the new location. Even if you lose some money during the process, you’ll be losing a lot less than you would if you transport it. If your furniture is antique, then, of course, it’s a different story. The same principle goes with clothes: you can resell some of yours and buy new ones. Even when it comes to the antique pieces – you can get them online on Etsy

Lay off the items that you haven’t used in the past year

There are many things that we have – but don’t need it. There’s no reason to pay for the transport of those items. To organize your long-distance move, turn to the best interstate moving companies Florida based. They can also give you useful advice and transport your items in a timely manner. When transporting items that you haven’t used in a while, you’re just moving them to a different place and won’t be using them again.

Items that you don’t use will cost you a lot of money to transport. Wouldn’t it be better if you gave unused items away, or sold them? That way you get to save money, space and gain some money or items that you trade for your unused ones. When you think about it – purging your apartment is when the new beginning starts. Make it the best you can and start your new life with practicality and good planning!

old clothes
There are many things that we have – but don’t need it. There’s no reason to pay for the transport of those items.

Items you should avoid moving long-distance easily break or perish

Items that can easily break aren’t worth transporting. Think about big mirrors for example. They can cost a lot, but you’d be much better off if you sold your current one and bought another at the other place. No amount of food and similar items is usually allowed by the moving companies, so don’t try to pack them at all.

If you can get the item at your new location easily and at the same price, a good rule would be that you shouldn’t transport that item from the old location. The costs of transport and insurance will be bigger than selling the item that you have and getting the new one. There’s another thing you can do – you can donate some of the clothes and maybe even trade with a friend. You can get smaller appliances, for example, or exchange it for something else you’ll need more.

Hire a reliable moving company to help you!

If you’re looking for a moving company to help you with the items you should avoid moving long-distance, remember that New Leaf Moving Group is at your disposal. We’ve executed numerous long-distance moves and our customers are nothing short of satisfied. Realizing the move just the way you want is our main objective. If you want a company that is flexible and that can adjust itself according to your needs and wishes, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can get a free estimate – we’re happy to answer all of your questions. Call us and see why we’re the best company to realize the move of your life!

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