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The highest paying jobs In Florida worth moving for

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Many people think of Florida as a paradise on earth. Warm weather, beautiful beaches, and many fun things to do. A place where people from all over the world come to tour and a place with one of the best nightlife. But what many fail to realize is that all of these benefits also affect the living costs. Actually the New Leaf Moving Group Florida residents highly recommend has seen their fair share of people moving without prior knowledge. So we decided to tell you what the highest paying jobs In Florida worth moving for are!

Welcome to the Sunshine State

This gorgeous state is also known as the “Sunshine State”. It is a highly south-after location with many moving companies Palm Beach county residents recommend constantly helping people move. And that has greatly affected the living expenses in FL. So moving here is not always flowers and rainbows. Especially if you come here unemployed. As such people look for good job opportunities that can help them maintain their previous lifestyle. Or in some cases make it even better. As such, we made a list of the highest paying jobs In Florida worth your time and effort.

  • Anesthesiologists – Anual average salary of  $363,570
  • Cardiologist – Anual average salary of $359,420
  • Radiologists – Anual average salary of $318,530
  • Emergency medicine physicians – Anual average salary of $313,590
  • Pathology –  Anual average salary of $251,220
Euros on a desk
Many people pick professions based on their annual paychecks!


If you are an Anesthesiologist using moving companies Palm Beach county residents recommended to move to FL, then knowing your profession is one of the best paid is exciting. Anesthesiologists are doctors that specialize in urgent care treatment. They supply patients with pain pills and administer anesthesia. Anesthesiologists also observe and manage patients throughout the whole surgery procedure. It can require you anywhere between 12 to 14 years to become an anesthesiologist.

For this, you must graduate from medical school, conduct a residency, and pass two assessments. Of course, just by looking at the paycheck waiting for you in FL, you will notice that those years of studying and hard work paid off. As anesthesiology is without a doubt one of the highest paying jobs In Florida. But it’s also one of the best paid in many different counties in the US.


A cardiologist is a medical expert who researches and specializes in the supervision of the heart and blood vessels. Cardiologists stop, analyze, and treat different heart conditions. Such as heartbeat irregularities, chest discomforts, coronary artery illness, and genetic heart disease. Becoming a cardiologist incorporates an extra three years of fellowship on top of already finishing medical school and residency. So anticipate it would take around 14 years to evolve into an authorized cardiologist. As you can see all of these years spent in schools and in the field are a good thing! Making it easy to understand, why this is among the highest paying jobs In Florida.

Fields related to medicine are among the highest paying jobs In Florida
The highest paying jobs In Florida include many different jobs in the field of medicine.


In order to become a radiologist and to have one of the highest paying jobs In Florida it requires experiencing an average of 13 years of training. These people are doctors that use radiology techniques to analyze and treat wounds and conditions. Practicum in radiology implicates learning to use MRIs, X-rays, CTs, ultrasounds, PETs, and nuclear medication. Experienced radiologists then provide to use this technology to evaluate almost every region of the human body. Actually many people from that field contact moving services Boynton beach residents recommend and come here looking for a raise.

Emergency medicine physicians

It takes a standard of 11 to 12 years to study and qualify as an emergency medicine doctor. This is one of the highest paying jobs In Florida! Working as an ER doctor makes estimated earnings of just over $313,000, which is loftier than the U.S. average annual wage of $295,180. Emergency medicine physicians(also referred to as ER doctors) operate in the emergency division of hospitals. Emergency units are fast-paced, and these physicians have to be prepared to provide a wide assortment of medical care in life-or-death circumstances.

Even after using long distance movers Boynton beach residents recommended, all ER doctors look for ways to continue working in the field. ER doctors generally treat patients with traumatic wounds or extreme health issues, such as heart attacks, strokes, and traumatic brain damage. Behind initial therapy, ER doctors generally provide patients with a maintenance plan and advise other physicians or accept the patients to the hospital.

A dentist looking at teeath
Look for jobs before moving, this way you will have more time to relax.


The highest paying jobs In Florida are definitely worth contacting interstate moving companies Florida people recommend. So what is pathology? It is the analysis of human tissue, organs, and fluids that helps comprehend the reasons and consequences of illnesses. A pathologist assumes a large number of assignments, such as executing lab tests, delivering diagnoses, and constructing treatment plans. Pathologists can specialize in further areas like:

  • blood banking and transfusions
  • toxicology
  • forensic pathology
  • pediatric pathology
  • hematology

Pathologists typically go to school for 11 years. But that’s not all every 10 years they must be recertified through the American Board of Pathology.


Of course, there are many more jobs that are paid immensely. As many of the highest paying jobs In Florida are not on the list we made! For example directors, CEOs, and many other jobs as well. But the point is that with enough effort you will definitely find a good opportunity. Going in blind without any potential job offers is risky, but sometimes worth it! Florida is a big state and is home to many big cities. And as such your possibilities are limitless.

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