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Steps to relocating your home photography office long-distance from Florida

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Every relocation is a more or less stressful process, especially small business relocation. The amount of stress and anxiety depends on your approach and planning. Browsing steps to relocating your home photography office long-distance from Florida can ease your moving. If you do your research before you start moving, things will go smoothly and easily. Take notes and write down tips and advice you find, and try to follow them. As a result, your relocation will be stress-free and you’ll get on with your work routine in no time.

Plan steps to relocating your home photography office long-distance from Florida

When it comes to relocation, a good plan is essential. It can make it quicker and easier and it can save you some money. Moving your home photography office is a bit trickier, due to sensitive gear. That’s why is important to prepare well. Write down everything you need for packing and wrapping your stuff. Renting or buying used moving supplies can cut your costs. Try to predict how much time you’ll need for relocation, so you can get back to work as soon as possible. Also, you might need a storage unit. Consider hiring moving companies from Florida to New Jersey, and see what they have to offer. Hiring professionals is always a good choice and smart move, so don’t hesitate to call and ease your relocation.

preparation for relocating your home photography office
Relocating your home photography office can be stressful so make a plan.

How to pack cameras and other sensitive gear

The most important part of the relocation of the home photography office is proper packing. In order for your gear to arrive safely, pack it well. Consider packing all your electronics and sensitive equipment in hard cases. It’s the safest way, but you’ll have to buy proper filling for the case. There are several ways to fill the void but for this type of object, it’s best to use filling foam and bubble wrap. For more moving supplies options contact the Long Distance Movers Boynton Beach. There are many types of professional camera bags. Body-solid but soft-sided boxes are great choices, to snug each part of the camera safely. If you don’t have one, don’t worry. Just separate parts of the camera, take off lens and battery, and memory card. Then, wrap each part separately. The cheap way to do so is to use your linen or t-shirts as wrapping. 

Cameras, bag and other photography gear on the floor
How to properly pack sensitive gear for long-distance moving.

How to pack photographs and frames

Another major task is packing photos. They are the final result of your work, after all. So take good care of them. This can be a time-consuming and delicate part of the packing, but if you follow these few tips, it will pay off.

  • Place photos between the pages of the big book. That way you’ll keep photos from folding and damaging of any kind. Then, place books in moving boxes, which Local Movers Boynton Beach FL can provide for you.
  • Frames are made of glass, so the best way to pack them is to use bubble wrap, or cardboard and secure it with tape. And place it in a size matching box. Don’t forget to label them as fragile. 
  • Photo albums are a good way to keep your photos. Not only does that protect them from water, but it also protects them from mechanical damage due to its firm covers. Investing in albums is a smart thing to do.
  • Digital backup of your photos is the most important thing. Accidents can happen, no matter how good you do your packing. Always have digital copies of your photos on your computer or some external memory device. You can even scan the older photos and make their digital copies as well. Use online storage, such as Google Photos, to store your digital photos. 

Update your social networks before relocating your home photography office

Don’t forget to announce your relocation on your social media profiles and inform your clients about it. You can make relocation announcement letters and send them to your business contacts. Also, you can update your website and social media. First, include both, the city you are leaving and the city you are moving to. Then, point out the date when you will continue with your work at the new address. Boyton Beach location hashtags can help you with this transition. Make sure you include a new business address and a small map of the new location. Also, state your working hours and phone number, as well as your e-mail address. 

A vintage camera on the brown paper
Update your social media and announce your business relocation.

Hire a good and professional moving company

When it comes to large furniture from your home office, the best is to hire professional movers. Find reliable movers such as Movers Boynton Beach and check their offers. If you are short with time and you can afford full-service we strongly suggest you do so. In that case, your equipment will be damage-covered. So if anything is damaged during the transport or packing, the company will cover the damage. And since the photography gear is fragile and delicate, and therefore expensive, that would be a smart move. But if you prefer to relocate on budget, you can do the packing on your own and still have the movers transport your items. Try to find used cardboard boxes and cases, and ask your friends to help you take out the boxes and bulky items. In that case, you can make sure you pack fragile items properly. 

To sum up the steps of relocating the photography business

Follow these simple steps to relocating your home photography office long-distance from Florida and have a stress-free move. The main task is to secure your cameras and lenses, tripods, and batteries. Things will be much easier if you entrust this to a moving company. That way you can be sure your gear is perfectly safe and handled properly. So, don’t hesitate. Call New Leaf Moving Company today and let us take care of your home and business relocation. 

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