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Should you accept moving company referrals in Florida?

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If you want your relocation to go well, you should find a good moving company in Florida to move you. It is, however, good to have extra caution and to be careful when choosing your movers. That is why referrals are for. And of course, when you look for a company, you want to hear someone else’s opinion. However, should you accept moving company referrals in Florida all the time? Should you do that or do more research to get a better picture? New Leaf Moving Group Florida is here to answer these questions and help you with figuring things out before this crucial period in your life. Don’t worry about your move when you have us to aid you.

To find a good moving company you need good moving company referrals

It’s not hard or impossible to find a good and reputable moving company, but it does take time. Good and experienced movers, like ours, will be a lot of help during the move and will provide great service. To be 100% sure about which company to choose, look for certain qualities in the company you’re interested in. The most crucial thing is whether the moving company is licensed and insured or not. Movers that aren’t licensed usually cost less, but licensed companies will provide you with basic insurance and a variety of services. Our movers, for example, will know the procedure for moving certain items and will take more care to prevent damage.

making a deal after trusting moving company referrals
Look for certain qualities in the company you’re interested in.

Spending more on good movers can actually save you some money. They will spare you the headaches of calculating additional moving costs and expenses. A reputable moving company will meet all your needs and will take care of the move. If you are moving to Chicago from Florida, consider hiring New Leaf Moving Group to help you with the move. On top of great and efficient service, we also offer spot-on moving quotes.

Why do you need moving referrals?

Moving your home and office can be risky at times. In fact, moving just one item can be a tough job sometimes. This is why you should hire some of the licensed moving companies Palm Beach County has available. They are pros, which also means they have the right skills, equipment, and experience to move your items carefully. How do you choose the right moving company for your move, though? There are lots of movers to choose from, but not all of them are to be trusted. That’s what referrals can help with. When someone you know refers to and suggests a company, you will likely trust this company. After all, someone you know has experience moving with them. Referrals are good sources of info, but should you rely on them completely or not? Consider the following:

people in the back of a van
Should you rely on moving company referrals alone?
  • Moving referrals from friends and family are valuable information. They will tell you all the perks and details of their moving experience, so you will know what to expect if you do hire the company they referred you to.
  • Keep in mind that there are cases when people will suggest another friend or family’s company. This is rare, but just because it’s rare doesn’t mean it won’t happen to you. In other words, people might be a little biased at times.
  • Just because the person that suggested the company had a good experience with the company doesn’t mean that your move will be the same. You might move at a different time of the year or to a different place, and with different items from the person that made the suggestion. 

So, are these referrals any good at all?

Overall, the rule of thumb is to accept referrals, but with a grain of salt and while keeping expectations realistic. When you have a move coming up, you’ll have to find Florida movers with the best moving services Boynton Beach has ever seen, like ours. When you talk to friends and family, they’ll surely suggest some moving companies they’ve moved with before. But, are these referrals good, and are they reliable at all? The answer is yes, they are definitely good.

laptop, phone, notebook and cup on table
Always do your own research before hiring movers!

As we’ve mentioned in the last section, you will definitely feel safer with a referral from a friend or family member. Why wouldn’t you rely on them? The only things you should keep in mind are the things in the list above. Referrals are great, but you must always do your own research by, for example, looking up the moving company on Better Business Bureau to see their overall grade and additional reviews. On top of that, each moving company’s website has reviews from previous clients that can give you even more info on what you can expect from the movers. We warmly suggest checking out our own website and our reviews, as we have made many clients in the past happy and have done more than a good job. Who knows? We might just make your move an easy and breezy one!

In conclusion: referrals are not your only source

Referrals from people you know are definitely a great way to start and find out about more potential movers! However, referrals are not your only source of info and you should always look into some more sources to be 100% sure you are making the right choice. Should you accept moving company referrals in Florida when you are about to move? Yes, of course, but you should take them with a grain of salt. For example, one of your friends might say they’ve had a good experience with one of the many moving companies in Florida. But, who knows? You might just have a good and fast move by hiring New Leaf Moving Group’s movers!  We are one of the best movers that specialize in long distance moving Florida has ever had. If you trust us with your move, we will do our best to move you efficiently. Call us!

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