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    The complexity of local moves is often underestimated. This probably happens due to the distance not being so great as it is with the long-distance ones. However, it is important to note that – what the local moves lack in distance, they make up for in plenty of tasks and the lack of time to take care of them. Luckily, neither of these need to concern you, as you can have one of the most reliable helping hands by your side – New Leaf Moving Group Florida. With our local movers in Florida, you will have a swift, simple, and easy relocation.

    a street in Florida
    Make sure your local move is short, sweet, and simple by hiring one of the best local movers Florida has to offer.

    What makes New Leaf Moving Group the right company for you?

    We are a company that values customers’ happiness more than anything else. Every single one of our teams goes to great lengths to ensure that the move is realized just the way you want it. We have all moved sometime in our past, and know just how tiresome, stressful, and arduous the process can be. With this in mind, we want to make sure no customer of ours has such an experience. Regardless of whether you plan on having a local, or long-distance move, Local Movers Boynton Beach FL moving crews will be by your side every step of the way.

    Not only do we offer premium moving services, but we also use high-quality equipment and packing materials. Our innovative moving processes will make your move seem like a breeze. The latest tech that we use allows us to tackle very challenging relocations. As you can see, there are more than enough reasons to choose us. We are a moving company that delivers results time and time again – and our main objective is to execute the perfect move!

    Do you need assistance from our local movers in Florida?

    We will be straight with you – it is possible to handle a local move without the help of professional movers. However, you need to ask yourself whether this is the venture you are willing to go for. It may seem like you can take care of it all without much hassle, and save some money along the way. Howbeit, the truth is you will struggle a lot.

    Packing your whole household whilst you are still working, and doing so in a way that ensures safety to your belongings is a challenge of its own accord. If it happens that you find quality packing materials, pack all of your goods using proper methods, you will still have the transportation to think about. Not to mention that finding a parking space where you don’t have to worry about your vehicle getting towed is a special kind of nightmare. At the end of the day, you will find all this trouble not to be worth it. Especially if you know that you can get relocation services Florida residents are proud of.

    At this moment, we have to mention that all of this does not have to be your moving experience. It is with a simple phone call to our office that our Florida local movers will be on top of your relocation. Yours will be only to sit back and relax. We transport all of your belongings to your new home in a safe, efficient, and easy manner. Not only do we have all the professional skills, but we know the streets, shortcuts, and regulations that allow us to handle your move in record time.

    A girl calling local movers Florida
    Just one phone call is what separates you from an amazing move.

    How can our local moving team in Florida help with your move?

    What is great about the service that we offer is that it can be adjusted so that it fits your needs, wishes, and requirements ideally. We regard every move as an individual case and like to address it as such. This means that we always make a plan of action from scratch, making sure it corresponds with your input. We’ll adapt to your schedule and execute the move just the way you want it. We strive to ensure that your move meets all of your requirements. With this in mind, you can choose our teams for any of the following services.

    Taking care of your residential move

    All members of our company share the opinion that the process of turning your new place into a home should be a wonderful experience from start to finish. And speaking of starting, you need to ensure all of your belongings reach your new address in their meticulous state. There is arguably no better way to do this than to entrust our residential movers with this important task. Our movers are trained professionals who are capable of dealing with a wide spectrum of items – be it a fragile china set, or the pool table. We can disassemble and assemble your furniture, pack it properly and load the truck Our movers will make sure yours will be only to pick the place for your sofa, bed, or fridge after the movers have unloaded the truck.

    Moving your piano

    Speaking of bulky items, not many can cause as much headache to the people moving them, as a piano can. This precious instrument is as delicate as it is heavy. Luckily, our piano movers know just how to handle it so that it arrives at your new place unblemished. We will calculate the best way to take it out of your home, and pack it well to protect it from getting a single scratch. Professional movers like Local Movers Boynton Beach FL are able to carry your piano down numerous flights of stairs, as well as other musical instruments and big, bulky furniture pieces. No item is too big or heavy for our trained movers.

    Handling your commercial relocation

    For commercial relocation to be of successful nature, the team handling it needs to be well-coordinated, super organized, and time-efficient. Having such a crew by your side will ensure you are able to get back to your usual business routine in the shortest amount of time. Any delays can mean financial losses for your business! So, do not waste a minute more and give our commercial movers a call. They will work hard to make sure all of your needs are answered, and all of the deadlines met. We understand the importance of a swift relocation:

    • Our movers will make an inventory list of all your items
    • The packing team will pack every single item carefully and accordingly
    • All of your electrical appliances, furniture, and documents will be treated with the utmost care
    • They will also be transported safely
    • Our team will unload the truck and leave the items and boxes just where you want them

    The services of Local Movers Boynton Beach FL will give your company a comfortable, seamless transition into the new space!

    Packing your goods in a safe and efficient way

    Packed boxes are a staple of every relocation. This only goes to show how important the packing process is. We advise you to hire our professional packing services to take care of it, as they will do so in a professional, safe, and knowledgeable way. With tried-and-tested methods, as well as quality materials, your belongings will be safe for any road ahead.

    A properly packed statue
    Your belongings will receive amazing treatment whilst in hands of one of the most reliable local movers Florida has.

    Storing your belongings for as long as you need

    The need for additional space can arise at any moment in your life. Especially if you are moving to a smaller home, and have not yet managed to declutter. Luckily, our local movers in Florida have your back. Feel free to use our storage services and store your goods in our safe, clean, and secure storage facilities in Florida. We will provide your belongings with just the care and attention they need.

    Knowing the Florida weather, you understand why it is crucial to have quality storage units at your disposal. Our storage units are well secured, guarded, and under surveillance. We offer a plethora of storage spaces. Moreover, we also offer climate-controlled storage units for your sensitive and valuable items. Local moving sometimes requires the use of storage. Why not rent the best there is?

    Relocate with one of the most reliable local movers in Florida

    If you want to have a stress-free, smooth, and affordable move, New Leaf Moving Group Florida is the one for you.  To get in touch, you can get a free moving estimate, – it’s a convenient, commitment-free way to see whether we’re the right fit.  With our dependable local movers in Florida, that residents always recommend to each other, you will get to have an amazing moving experience. It will help you focus on other things in life. Moreover, you’ll have peace of mind, knowing that your items will be handled with the utmost care. You too can have the move of your dreams – a move that you deserve. Give us a call and schedule your move today!  

    Perfect experience...

    New Leaf Moving Group completed my move to Palm Beach County without any issues and had a wonderful attitude while doing it. I had a perfect moving experience thanks to them! This must have been one of the best moving companies I have worked with!

    Harley Jones

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