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Moving from Florida to New Jersey

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    Leaving the Sunshine State behind is no easy decision, but New Jersey might be the place where you find your forever home. However, before you can start exploring the area and meeting your neighbors, you first have to arrive there safely. Not only that, but all your belongings have to reach their destination as well. Attempting to handle this long-distance relocation yourself might be too big of a burden, but not for our interstate movers. When you hire New Leaf Moving Group Florida, you will know that you are putting your trust in one of the best moving companies from Florida to New Jersey. To get the process started right away, reach out to us today!

    A family after hiring one of the moving companies from Florida to New Jersey
    Your family comes first – let us handle everything else!

    What makes us stand out among moving companies from Florida to New Jersey

    As a family-owned business, we believe that our relationships are what matters the most. Whether you need help relocating your household or your business, the people around you deserve proper care. Our moving experts can handle all the:

    • packing,
    • transportation,
    • logistics of your move,
    • but we also pay special attention to your needs and requirements.

    We will work with you to create a customized plan for moving from Florida to New Jersey, unique to you alone. A good plan is the base of any successful move, so don’t shy away from reaching out to us and letting us assist you in this matter.

    Our Florida movers are adaptable and dedicated and can turn your relocation into a success without draining your budget. To make financial planning even easier, we can provide you with a free moving estimate!

    Have a stress-free interstate move with our help

    When you start researching moving companies from FL to NJ, you will quickly realize that not all of them have the same tools and levels of skill. For such a big move, you need the right people by your side, ready to step in at any moment, and that is exactly what you get with our interstate movers Florida based. Whether you are moving a 1-bedroom apartment or a 10-bedroom mansion, our teams of movers and packers can ensure that all of your items are delivered in a safe and timely manner.

    Professional packing services for all your items

    Many of us have valuable items in our homes that we cherish and want to keep intact. However, during an interstate relocation, it can be difficult to make sure that each item is as protected as possible. With such a long trip, improper packing and stacking can lead to a disaster. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be the case!  Through our packing services, our team will pack your entire household quickly and efficiently.

    Person taping a box shut
    Save both time and money by allowing us to pack up your items.

    We will bring our own quality packing supplies, that are designed to protect even the most fragile and breakable items. Only by using the right supplies and implementing the proper techniques can you be sure that your belongings will reach their destination safely. This is especially true if you are moving an expensive item such as a piano, as you shouldn’t let just anyone pack and transport this valuable instrument. On the other hand, our Florida piano movers have all the skills and equipment necessary to relocate it to your new home without any issues.

    Moving your business to Florida? Our commercial movers are the people to call!

    Contrary to popular opinion, relocating a household differs a lot from moving a business from Florida to New Jersey. Whereas the former usually involves a smaller number of people, the latter can imply moving many employees. That is why it is best to leave this task to the experts. We have dedicated teams that specialize in moving companies from Florida to New Jersey and can handle anything from a home office setup to a large corporation.

    Our office movers Boca Raton based will pack all of your office equipment and tools, load them onto our moving truck, and deliver them to your new space. The process is meant to minimize the downtime your company will experience, which is the goal of any business owner. While we handle all the logistics of your relocation, you can focus on your employees and help them settle down in New Jersey.

    Store your items safely at a convenient location

    Lack of storage space is what plagues many homeowners. Our garages, sheds, and attics only offer so much space. And when the time comes to move to a new home, the question of space arises once more. What to do with the things you don’t want to move right away? The answer lies in the form of our affordable and accessible storage units!

    When moving from Florida to New Jersey our experts can relocate all the things you need, while the rest remain secure at our facility. We even offer climate-controlled storage units with constant temperature and humidity levels. This means that you can store those antique furniture pieces without any worries.

    A leather couch and some photos
    Always opt for climate-controlled storage when storing leather furniture.

    Contact our movers from Florida to New Jersey today!

    With all that we offer, it is clear why we are among the most versatile and experienced moving companies from Florida to New Jersey. Our representatives will stay in constant contact with you throughout the process. Whether you need our help with just one project or our full scope of services, we are at your disposal. However, don’t wait too long before scheduling your move. The sooner you start planning this interstate relocation, the easier it will be to organize. So, give New Leaf Moving Group Florida a call today and you can be safe in the knowledge that you are in good hands!

    Perfect experience...

    New Leaf Moving Group completed my move to Palm Beach County without any issues and had a wonderful attitude while doing it. I had a perfect moving experience thanks to them! This must have been one of the best moving companies I have worked with!

    Harley Jones

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