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Room-by-Room Packing Guidelines From Professionals

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Even though most moving companies offer professional packing services, many people still decide to pack on their own. Of course, that can be a good way to save some money. But only for those who do it properly. If you are preparing for a move be aware that improper packing can lead to damaged or even lost items. To help you avoid this, New Leaf Moving Group packing professionals shared their room-by-room packing secrets with you. If you follow their guidelines, your home will be safely packed in no time. And with a minimum amount of effort.

Prepare for the Packing Process

When it comes to packing, preparation is the key. If you prepare well, everything should go smoothly. Of course, first, you need to declutter and decide what items to pack and move before contacting moving services in Boynton Beach. Once you make a final version of your moving inventory list, you also need to gather packing materials. All that takes time, so make sure that you start your preparation as soon as possible.

A man sitting next to a moving truck thinking about room-by-room packing
After decluttering you will still have time to change your mind and call professional packers to help you.

While you are decluttering, preparing an inventory list, and calculating packing supplies, you will see how big the upcoming work is. And you will still have an opportunity to change your mind and call some of the local movers Florida is offering to do this for you.

How to calculate the right number of boxes

Packing materials are one of the two main ingredients in this process. If you want to pack your items quickly and securely you need to have proper supplies ready. Another thing that you need to do right is to determine the exact amount of boxes and wraps to buy. If you buy too many, you are wasting money. And it is never good to be short on supplies too. If you are not sure how to calculate this, there are moving box calculators available online. Of course, they are not perfect. But should get it close enough. Bear in mind, though, that if you hire your residential movers to pack your items, they will also be in charge of the packing supplies.

Supplies you will need for your room-by-room packing

Packing supplies are not only moving boxes. There are a lot of other things that you should have with you when you start your room-by-room packaging adventure. Here is what professional packers use to pack a home:

  • Cardboard moving boxes of different sizes and shapes.
  • Bubble plastic sheeting
  • Stretch wrap
  • Packing paper
  • Moving blankets
  • Vacuum bags for clothes and bedding
  • Zip-lock plastic bags
  • Packing tape
  • Labels and markers
  • A set of tools

Ask someone to help you

Room-by-room home packing is the easiest way to pack. If you do one room at a time, you are quicker and things will be much easier during later unpacking. If you ask long distance movers from Boca Raton FL, they strongly recommend that you follow this guide and your home will be packed fast.

Two hands with gloves
Before you begin your room-by-room packing adventure, find someone to help you

Before you begin, another piece of advice. If you can, get someone to help you before you begin. Packing is not only difficult, but in some situations, it can be dangerous too (like when you are trying to move heavy furniture).

A kitchen should be the first on your room-by-room packing list

The kitchen is the most complicated room to pack. Therefore, you should start by packing your kitchen. The first thing to handle is your fridge. You need to empty it, clean it, and leave it unplugged for some time. While it defrosts, you can start handling your dishes. If you prepared dish boxes, use those to secure your glassware. If not, you can use regular cardboard boxes. The trick here is to wrap each piece individually in the packing paper before you place it in a box. Also, make sure that items cannot move and touch one another.

A kitchen is first on the list when packing
You should start with the kitchen as it has the most things to pack.

Next, sort your cutlery by size and stack them into each other to save space. Finally, unplug, clean, and pack your appliances. If you will be moving your kitchen cabinets too, see if you can disassemble them before packing. If not, wrap them in bubble plastic to protect them from damage.

Pack your basement

Room-by-room packing at times also includes the basement. Basements are generally where we accumulate things we don’t require or use very often. Along with your garage, these rooms usually evolve into warehouses for the waste we rather overlook than deal with. And that makes these rooms one of the most demanding and time-consuming rooms to pack. But before cross country movers Florida arrive, you should be ready!

The first step to moving your basement is to declutter all the stuff. Separate the things you don’t use, don’t enjoy, or won’t have room for in your new home. Give yourself enough time to sort through things in your crawl spaces, cabinets, and crevices in detail. Try dividing your items into four stacks: keep, donate, toss, and sell. This also applies to furniture. If you have some old furniture you can sell it or donate it to the Furniture Bank. This way you will have more than one benefit.

A full basement before moving
This is one of the rooms in your home that will need a lot of time in order to pack.

If you aren’t certain what to maintain and what to throw away, these objects are usually good nominees for tossing, selling, or donating:

  • Objects you haven’t utilized in over a year
  • Garments that no longer fit, as well as damaged winter coats
  • Old kids’ playthings and items
  • Your kids’ old art and projects. Go through these things and pick one or two to keep, and then throw the rest. Extremely sentimental? Snap a photo of the art or projects and put the images into a scrapbook.

Move on to your living room

After you finish packing your kitchen, you can move on to your living room. The biggest concern here is how to pack your electronics like TV, stereo, or other devices that you might have. Of course, the best way to pack your electronics is to use the original packaging. If you do not have it, use mirror boxes or regular-shaped boxes for packing your TV. Make sure that everything is wrapped properly, though, before you close the box.

If you have a mirror or a picture, tape an ‘x’ across the glass surface to stop it from shattering if it breaks. Other living room items are easy to pack. Just make sure that you do not overweigh the boxes.

Your bedroom should be the easiest part of your room-by-room packing process

When it comes to room-by-room- wrapping, the bedroom should be easiest. Especially if you use vacuum bags for packing your clothes and bedding. Load the bag with similar items, and use your vacuum cleaner to suck the air out of it. You will not believe how much space you will save with this technique. For your mattress, you can use a mattress box or a stretch wrap to keep it from ripping and dirt. Next, disassemble your bed and wrap everything in bubble plastic. Just make sure that you save all the screws and bolts in a Zip-lock bag.

A large bedroom
A bedroom should be the easiest room to pack

Complete your room-by-room packing with bathroom

Finally, the time has come to pack your bathroom. The most important thing here is to sort your bathroom accessories by groups.  This way you will be able to find something quickly if you need it. Hygiene products, medicines, make-up, everything should be grouped.

Also, pay special attention to open bottles and products that are due to expire soon. You can pack those in your essential travel bag or get rid of them before you go. Towels, bathroom robes, and other clothes, you can pack in vacuum bags to keep them fresh and clean.

Use a Professional Approach to Quickly Pack Your Home

This is how professional packers use room-by-room packing techniques to quickly wrap up a home. Use this approach and you will see how easy it is. Just make sure that every box containing fragile items is properly labeled from all sides. So that your movers know how to handle it when the time comes. This can be made easier even further by making a detailed packing plan. Just make sure that you leave a box full of your everyday things while packing in case you need anything.

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