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Reasons to move cross country during winter

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    If you want to move cross country during winter, it may seem that your relocation will be different than in warmer temperatures. Well, you will sure relocate easier if you have professional Boca Raton movers by your side. Other than that, here are some reasons to move further away during a colder period.

    Relocating during wintertime is challenging

    Moving during the winter months is a challenge for everyone, as the weather conditions are unpredictable and can complicate pre-arranged and carefully organized plans. However, with proper planning and a few extra tips with moving, you can still enjoy slight changes despite all those harsh winter days.

    family packing for a move
    If you want to move cross country during winter, it may seem that your relocation will be different than in warmer temperatures.

    Is it even safe to move cross country during winter?

    Of course it is! As we said, it’s wiser to find good home relocation services to help you with your move cross country. In our blog posts, we have already written about the organization of moving, how to make a plan, a list of things to carry, how to pack them, etc. Still, in the wintertime, most people face additional obstacles and challenges. Those can be:

    • Low temperatures
    • Rain
    • Snow
    • Ice
    • Traffic jams

    With this being said, here are 4 reasons to move during winter:

    • It’s cheaper. Rents and real estate properties are likely to cost less during winter.
    • Besides, it’s easier to move in the cold as you will avoid the heat.
    • Relocation will probably be much faster.
    • Moving companies are less busy in the wintertime so you can be more flexible.

    Still, arm yourself with patience

    However, if you have planned to move in the winter and there is no possibility to postpone the move, arm yourself with patience. Relocation is stressful, and winter conditions may further increase stress. Of course, you can always find good moving allay, no matter where you move. All moving companies from Florida to New Jersey agree on one thing: you need a good moving plan and your winter relocation will be a breeze.

    girl in a box
    You need a good moving plan and your winter relocation will be a breeze.

    Of course, any change from your daily routines is in a way stress for the organism. Keep this in mind and adjust your focus to the new situation. Be positive and always keep in mind that good preparation is half the battle won.

    Start preparations earlier

    Start with the preparations for moving at least a week in advance. If you use the services of a moving company, then book them a few days in advance. If you are moving at the last moment, you may consider getting packing services too. In winter, the conditions are difficult and every possible situation should be anticipated. Packaging material is not just adhesive tape and boxes, so consult with your movers what you will need from the moving material.

    Preparation should also mean that you are fair to the old but also to the new neighborhood and be a good neighbor. It’s simple and shows that you care about others. Let them know you are moving in a timely manner and apologize for disturbing their daily comfort. For example, an elevator will probably be used more often than usual, and maybe stairs for some heavier or bulkier things.

    Follow the weather forecast

    Be sure to follow the weather reports. If they announce that there will be blizzards and high snow cover, or ice, prolong a couple of days if you can and wait for better conditions for driving and transporting things. As you know, safety and safe relocation come first. If the weather is really bad, be prepared for a possible delivery delay.

    Choose adequate transportation

    It is very important to choose adequate transportation. Sub-zero temperatures and icy uncleaned roads make things even more difficult when moving cross country. In these cases, it is best to take a van, especially if you move to urban areas, where there are bigger crowds, and the streets are narrow. Also, remember to provide parking space on time for both loading and unloading. While this may seem like a minor detail, it can save you time and prevent unnecessary annoyance.

    Protect things

    Protect the things you carry well and adequately. Get enough boxes, stretch foil and bubble wrap, enough old newspapers and paper, etc. Due to the low temperature, fragile items are certainly exposed to a higher risk of damage in transport, so it is important to tuck them well.

    family packing
    Due to the low temperature, fragile items are certainly exposed to a higher risk of damage in transport.

    Clean the driveways

    Make sure you have previously wiped the accesses from snow and ice on the day of moving. If the weather conditions are bad, check that the accesses are passable and cleaned. If they are not, be sure to clean the sidewalk and access to your old place and new location before moving. So, for the safety of your belongings and your own safety, as well as the members of the moving team themselves, make sure in advance that the driveway and complete exit from the house are clean. You can use sand or salt to neutralize any ice or snow accumulation on the driveways.

    Leave relocation to professionals

    If you want to move cross country during winter without any stress, our warmest recommendation and advice is to leave the move to professionals. You don’t want everything to stop while you wait for the stormy weather to pass. They have invaluable experience and will solve any incidental problem that winter relocation can cause. And of course something else. Be sure to check that all bills have been paid before you move out. Also, check the bills in the new apartment to avoid any potential problems around unsettled bills.

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