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Prohibited items – the items FL movers won’t move

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Even if you haven’t moved before, it is not a big surprise that there are certain items that your movers won’t move. Some items are clearly dangerous and prohibited, but there are other items, like plants that you can’t pack when moving to Boca Raton. Before you start to pack and lose your precious time, make sure that you figure out what are those prohibited items that movers won’t move.

Learn what are unexpected items that movers won’t move, before your moving day

Here you can find a list of the most common and some unexpected items that your long distance movers South Florida won’t move:

moving truck
There are many items that Florida movers won’t move

Perishable food

Produce, frozen food, open containers. Instead of wasting food, you need to start eating up when you set the moving day date. If you are moving with you could make a meal plan and try to use up all your food from the freezer and pantry as well.


This may sound strange, but movers Boynton Beach won’t move your plants because it is illegal. This is mostly because the pests, harmful insects, or diseases could be brought to a new area and spread.

Scuba tanks and gear

These are probably the things you will not think to bring with you when you are moving from Florida to New York. However, if you are moving in the opposite direction you might just think about bringing your diving gear with you. Nevertheless, scuba tanks are filled with pressurized oxygen and/or other gas mixtures, so it is very dangerous to stack them in the moving truck.

Paint, paint removers, and thinners

Needless to say, paints and other chemicals that are usually going in cohesion with them are toxic, dangerous, and flammable. Paints and thinners are dangerous to people’s health and can create quite damage in a moving truck. Get rid of your paints and similar chemicals before you go. They are cheap. And you will easily get new after you arrive at your destination.


There is no need to explain why fireworks cannot enter a moving truck. They are extremely dangerous and you need special conditions in order to transport them safely. Only specialized companies can do this properly. if you want to transport explosive fireworks, you will have to find someone other than your movers.

fireworks rocket
Fireworks are risky to transport, therefore, movers will not do it

Illegal items

Anythings that is illegal and that you can be arrested for having cannot go into a moving truck. Your movers can also get into trouble if they are caught moving illegal items.  Therefore, get rid of everything of that sort before you call a moving company.

This is not a definite list – check with your movers for further details

These are some of the most common items that people try but movers won’t move. Of course, the definitive list of prohibited items is much longer. Still, every moving company has its own policy regarding this issue. That is why it would be smart to contact Florida relocation companies to make things clear.

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