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People relocate all the time and they move a lot of stuff. Some people move entire homes along with their vehicles. And this is something we shall cover today. How to prepare a motorcycle for transport? One of the items that can fit into the moving truck easily, but needs a bit of preparation first. So, let us help you organize, prepare your bike, and find movers Palm Beach county to take care of this task. Let’s go.

Find movers first

Before you can prepare a motorcycle for transport, you should find one of the moving companies in South Florida that is able to transport it. More importantly, to relocate it without damages. So, search for your movers online and compare prices and services. Aim for the car/motorcycle shipping service and read a few reviews as well.

a guy driving a van after learning how to prepare a motorcycle for transport
Find movers capable of transporting your motorcycle.

Finally, when you find a match, call your long distance movers Boca Raton FL and check if they are licensed and if they have all the tools to perform. And remember to ask if they have a sizeable moving truck to fit your bike inside nicely.

Prepare a motorcycle for moving with a thorough cleaning and inspection

Your bike must be adequately prepared for the journey ahead. You are moving from Florida to Boston and it is a long way to go and as you know, there is always a chance for moving mishaps no matter how to prepare. But you should at least do your part of the deal. Therefore, inspect your bike inside out and ensure everything is working as intended. Then, give it a thorough cleaning, apply a wax coat to protect against rust and moisture and you are good to go.

Ensure electronics are ok

While inspecting your bike, pay close attention to the electronics. Check all the wiring, batteries, breaks, display, etc. You must be 100% sure everything was working before you load it into the moving truck. Later on, if something goes wrong, you’ll be sure it is the mover’s fault and not yours.

Check the engine, oil, and fuel levels

For this one, you should visit the mechanic to help you prepare a motorcycle for moving. Let them check your engine and exhaust pipes, as well as an oil tank, and fuel tank. There should be no leakage or any obstructions. On the other hand, if you know how to do this one yourself, you’ll save up some money along the way.

A guy cleaning his motorcycle
Check your engine, electronics, and clean your bike inside out.

Check the tires as well

Of course, you should check your tires and make sure they are toped up. Maybe you want to drive your bike as soon as you arrive at your new address and check out the neighborhood. And make sure you have a spare one and ready to be used as well. Also, keep all your garage equipment and tools nicely labeled in boxes so you can find them easily in case you need to change the tire or tweak something.

Prepare a motorcycle for transport and find an appropriate cover for it

In the end, maybe it would be best to create a moving checklist and ad a segment regarding your motorcycle. List down all the requirements, errands, chores, and responsibilities tied to it. This way you won’t forget a thing and you stay on track. And one last thing, find a nice cover for your bike. You probably already have one but in case you don’t, run to the nearest hardware store and purchase a tarp or something similar.

And now you know how to prepare a motorcycle for transport. After reading our piece, you probably got a few more ideas on what should be done before you load it into the moving truck. And of course, it depends on the model and the size of your motorcycle. But you’ll manage for sure. Good luck and have a safe journey.

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