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Relocating from one home to another is never an easy task. Even if you are only moving across the street, there are a lot of things that you have to do nonetheless. One of those things is filling in and completing all the paperwork after your relocation. Even if it seems impossible, getting organized at the right time will help you a lot when it comes to collecting and filling out all the paperwork you need. We will help you by explaining what the post-move paperwork usually is and how you can handle it.

You should research post-move paperwork before the big move

You should keep in mind that handling post-move paperwork is going to be a lot easier if you inform yourself before the move. Just as you researched to find reliable South Florida movers, you can make a list of all the information you’ll need to complete the required paperwork. Dealing with government bureaucracy is not an easy job, and it requires a certain amount of time. So, we encourage you to start in advance and make sure you don’t stress too much over it.

woman reading about post-move paperwork on a laptop
Researching first and then taking action will save you from a lot of headaches

Creating a moving checklist is the most important task

Writing a moving checklist is one of the most crucial tasks to do when relocating to a new home. People often either forget about it or simply think of it as something that is not that important. However, the truth is quite the opposite. When planning a move, it should be one of the first things to do because:

  • You will organize correctly for your big move, and it will also make the sorting process more
  • By having a complete list of your belongings at your disposal, you can pack more efficiently. We encourage you to make a specific inventory list for every room in your home separately. While you pack your items, you can label each box according to the room.
  • It will also help you unpack stress-free, which is why this is one of the most important after-move paperwork items to have.
  • You can keep track of your budget. You should show this list to the moving company’s representative who is there to give you a free estimate. Once you have their consent, you will possess a document that guarantees you the total worth of your move. It is important to have it when the time comes to pay for the relocation services.

Dealing with insurance

This is the first thing you should be sorting out once you arrive at your new home. Post-relocation paperwork regarding insurance is crucial, and you should not forget to take care of it. Whether you decided on hiring high-quality cross country movers Florida or not, we always advise that you check your belongings once they are moved to your new home. In case of any damage, you should contact your moving company and inform them about it. Also, you should notify your life insurance agent about your new address.

Woman in white having conversation on smartphone and taking notes
You can notify your life insurance agent about your new address through a phone call

Utility companies

When moving to a new home, you should inform all of the utility companies about your new address. It would be best if you could do so before the relocation is complete since this way you will avoid paying double for one set of bills. So, it would be best if the utilities at your old place are disconnected on the day you move out and connected at the new address at the same time. The list of utility services you should contact and inform about the upcoming relocation is:

  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Gas
  • Internet
  • Cable
  • Telephone
  • Sewage, garbage, and other domestic waste collectors
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Any other subscriptions

Education certificates and documents

Whether you’re a student moving to another school or university, or you have kids who are, you should handle post-move paperwork related to education very carefully. Make sure you contact your new school as soon as possible. Ask about all the exact documents they need for the proper transfer.

Driver’s license

If you are moving to another city in the same state, this step does not refer to you. But, if you are relocating to another state, you need to get informed on this topic. The first step would be transferring your driver’s licenseSecond, you’ll need to update your vehicle’s registration and afterward check the insurance policy. We advise you to do this as soon as you get to your new place since you will not be able to drive the car until you complete these steps. If you are moving your business and office, make sure you hire commercial movers for this task.

man with hat driving car
You should transfer your driver’s license when moving to another state

Medical records

To obtain all your medical documentation in order, you will have to spend a certain amount of time. It is essential to have all your medical papers with you before the big move. You will need to visit your doctor and inform her or him about your relocation. You should get copies of all your medical records, as well as other important documentation. Vaccination documents for you and your family are among the most important ones to have with you. Be sure to take your prescription medicine before you move. After you move, take your medical records to a newly chosen local doctor.

Vet documents

The same rules apply when moving with a pet. You must bring all the veterinarian files with you. People often forget about these papers during the move. In case this happens, don’t worry. Since these files are easier to transfer, you can ask your veterinarian to mail the records either to you or directly to your new veterinarian.

If you carefully read through this article, you are now ready for many different plots of moving and handling post-move paperwork. Be sure not to miss any of the steps – If you do, it may take up more of your precious time. Do not forget to enjoy the whole process as much as possible, as it is a life-changing experience each time you relocate! We wish you all the best!

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