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Post-move cleaning tips

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Have you just finished your move, but you aren’t sure how to tackle your cleaning process? We’ve got you covered! New Leaf Moving Group has been Florida’s go-to local and long-distance moving company for years, and we’ve decided to share our expertise. As someone who has performed numerous moves, we know how hard the job can be. Keep on reading to find new, useful, and effective post-move cleaning tips!

Post-move cleaning starts from the ceiling

You know that relocating to Boca Raton is not an easy process. You’ll have to be tactical about cleaning the whole house to do it efficiently. When you start cleaning the whole apartment, remember that dust can be found at any place. That’s why you’ll need to start cleaning the ceilings first. After that, gradually lower and clean the items until you reach the floor. Whatever you clean above it, it’s sure to affect the cleanliness of the floor – so leave the floor for the end. When you’re wiping the floor, wipe it a few times. Don’t forget to wipe it starting from the wall opposite of doors and going backward as you clean. That way, you won’t have to clean your own footprints.

person cleaning a mirror
Make sure that you wear safety gloves at all times during the cleaning process!

Be tactical about your approach to post-move cleaning

 Clean the rooms that you’ll need first. If they are close to one another – great. If not, your floors are bound to get dirty during the process, so you might as well not give them any special attention until the end. You can wipe the dust, but totally thoroughly cleaning them would be impractical. When you’re done cleaning, go over the floors one more time, but clean in such a way that you’re leaving the rooms clean and having only the hallway dirty. When you’re almost done cleaning the hallway, clean your shoes as well. You can get into other ones, and leave the newly cleaned shoes outside to dry. 

Post-move cleaning tips:

  • Start cleaning from the ceiling, build your way down to the floor
  • Don’t clean floors thoroughly – only do it at the end
  • Clean the kid’s room first
  • Wear safety mask and gloves
  • Consider hiring professional cleaners

Keep the cover on the furniture

Our South Florida movers will unload the truck and place your furniture right where you want it in the new apartment. That means that you’ll have more to clean, but you’ll have less of a physical job to do. If you’ve wrapped the furniture before loading it onto the truck, leave it that way. It will protect the furniture from the dust and other things that might damage it. After you’ve cleaned everything, but before you’ve cleaned the floor, you can take off the covers and protective layers. If there’s dust on the covers, spraying it with water from a simple spray bottle will fix the dust onto the layer. Then you can safely take it off, sure that it won’t interfere with your previous cleaning. 

child drawing on a cardboard box
It’s going to be easier on the child if you clean and set up his/her room first!

 Clean kid’s room at the beginning

When you have a child, the post-move cleaning order has to be tweaked a little bit in order to keep the needs of a child first. Make sure that his/her room is one of the first to be cleaned. It’s going to be easier on the child if you clean and set up his place first. The safe space will contain his blankets, linen from the past home, and favorite toys. It will be comforting and help the child adapt quicker. 

Sanitizing the necessities is a priority

No matter what you do, you’ll want to have the items you need ready as soon as possible. Firstly, you’ll want to get the kitchen and bathroom into working order, and you’ll want to deal with a fridge. Make sure that you sanitize the kitchen as soon as you can, as you’ll have to place the food somewhere. Cleaning the kitchen should also be done from the ceiling down, and then you’ll be able to place the fridge where it should be – if you haven’t already. When you do so, clean and sanitize the fridge itself. It’s something that you won’t be able to put off as you’ll need a place to put your food.

The bathroom is the first room to be sanitized

It’s a logical step, but it’s definitely worth mentioning. When you’re cleaning the bathroom, you’ll first want to clean all of the dust inside. After that, get ready to sanitize and disinfect. After you’ve used the usual soap or cleaning solution, make sure that you’ve applied a disinfectant afterward. This goes for all of the surfaces in the bathroom, including the toilet, bath, shelves, and doorknobs. You can even buy your own toilet seat instead of cleaning the one that you have. That will ensure cleanliness.

After you’re done with disinfecting the bath, you’ll want to clean it a bit more and get rid of the residual chemicals. To do so, you can clean it with a special product bought in a chemical store, or you can do it with dishwashing soap. 

Post-move cleaning
Thoroughly clean the floors only after you’re done with cleaning everything else!

Cleaning the other rooms

Post-move cleaning has one main rule: Always clean the rooms from the ceiling and then gradually go lower. When you’re doing this, you’ll have to think creatively. That will help you to not skip some of the easily forgettable surfaces like light switches and similar ones. If you’re not sure whether you’ve cleaned everything, use the vacuum cleaner. Clean around the small edges, corners, and places that you can’t reach with the cloth. 

Post-move cleaning should be done room by room

Post-move cleaning tips aren’t as complicated as people assume at the start. And they don’t have to be – they just have to be effective. When it comes to your local movers, room by room approach proved to be the one to lessen the workload. When cleaning your new home, it’s important that you go room by room. That will help you keep the less dirty room exactly like that – less dirty. If you go from one room to another, you’ll spread the dust and dirt and make more mess that you’ll later have to clean. If this seems like too much, you can always turn to the cleaning services!

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