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Planning a carefree move to Lantana, FL

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If you are planning a carefree move to Lantana, FL – this is the article for you. But before you start reading, begin your perfect relocation by calling the reliable movers Lantana FL and asking for your free moving estimate. After all, it is not all that difficult to organize the relocation of an apartment, house, office, business premises when you know the moving date in advance… So all preparations can be done on time and planned in detail. However, it often happens that you need to relocate in a short period of time without much time for relocation planning and proper preparations. Still, if want to move with as little stress as possible and keep costs to a minimum, read a couple of our useful tips!

Is there such thing as planning a carefree move to Lantana, FL

If you think that planning a carefree move to Lantana, FL may just sound over the top, it’s not the case. As we said, calling reputable movers such as New Leaf Moving Group can just help you out. Depending on the size of your items and the number of things you need to move, you can choose a means of transport: van or truck. After that, all you need to do is start making a relocation plan. A detailed plan will help in every step of your move.

couple - Planning a carefree move to Lantana FL
If you are planning a carefree move to Lantana, FL – this is the article for you.

Relocation plan and cost savings – how to do it right

When you want to move to Lantana Fl you need to make a moving plan to make the relocation go smoothly. Here are some of the basic, yet helpful, moving tips:

  • if you hire labor only, agree on the exact time when workers should come to your household or office
  • get moving and packing material in advance
  • divide the work around packing and moving items among the members of the family if you plan a DIY move
  • if you have bulky furniture or need to move a large instrument, call piano movers Boca Raton in advance as this is something you cannot easily do on your own
  • make a list of things and mark the boxes according to the list for easier navigation during the relocation to Lantana
  • check if the furniture needs to be dismantled and if so, plan time for that
  • provide enough parking space for a vehicle that will be transporting things
  • notify tenants of your upcoming relocation

Once you have planned everything well and found the best relocation services Florida offers, you should talk with them about the details, and start with the realization. You can begin by purchasing moving materials first or ask about storage and packaging services as well.

Do things the right way and you’ll even save some money during a move

Here’s what you may need when it comes to packing material

This is the easier part of the job and the only place where one can make a mistake is the lack of necessary material for packaging and protection of things. So here is the basic list of packaging material you may need:

  • cardboard boxes,
  • bigger bags,
  • adhesive tape (wide), paper adhesive tape (narrow),
  • protective crackling foil,
  • stretch foil,
  • packing paper,
  • markers,
  • scissors.

You can get all this in from your moving company or just improvise and use everything at your disposal in the apartment. For example, if you have laundry baskets, suitcases, old bags, etc. you can use this for packaging. Also, save a larger amount of old newspapers that you will use when packing fragile items (cups, plates, decorations). You can also use vacuum bags for packing clothes. For the protection of mattresses or larger pieces of furniture, you can use an old blanket, old bedding, and the like. Visit local stores and look for anything that could be used for protection, from cardboard boxes, a leftover protective foil to Styrofoam parts.

How to choose the best cardboard boxes for your items

When purchasing cardboard boxes for moving, the best option is to go for the boxes that are the same dimensions. In this way, you will be able to pack your items better and easily place them in the moving vehicle. In any case, this is not imperative, so any solid cardboard box will do. What is important is how to pack things in boxes and ensure that they remain undamaged. Again, you can always ask for professional packing services.

Learn how to pack things in boxes and ensure that they remain undamaged.

Packing moving items into cardboard boxes – the right way

This is a simple process, but despite that, many make mistakes and pack their things as if they were someone else’s… Even when something is damaged, they consider it normal. There is no need to damage anything if you follow a few rules regarding packing:

  • Use smaller cardboard boxes for heavier things. Pack books, dishes, appliances, collections of CDs, DVDs, etc. in smaller boxes.
  • On the other hand, use larger cardboard boxes for lighter things. So, put wardrobe, bedding, toys, etc. in larger boxes.
  • When packing, place heavier items on the bottom of the box first and lighter items over them. If empty space appears, fill it with paper or some soft material.

Be sure to mark the box with fragile items, and if necessary, strengthen the outer part of the bottom of the box and the edges with wide adhesive tape. Put old newspapers or any wrapping paper between fragile items, for example when packing dishes. In this way, you will protect glasses, cups, plates, etc. from breaking or damaging. Arrange all these fragile items upright in a cardboard box, and you can also put a piece of cardboard, cloth, or whatever you have between them. Good luck with your move to Lantana!

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