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Picking the right pet crate for an interstate move to Florida

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Many people have furry family members. No matter if it is a cat or a dog, they just improve your life. Now that you are moving, your whole life will change, at least a little. But for your pets, this is a drastic change. They spend the majority of their time in your home or yard, and this is their safe bubble. Apart from that, they don’t understand the concept of moving. When you move, all they find familiar changes. But before you get to your new home, you need to give a thought to the process of getting to your new home. No matter if you are flying or driving when moving with some South Florida movers, your pet needs to travel in a pet crate for an interstate move to Florida. But how are you supposed to pick the right one? Let’s see.

What are the factors that determine the characteristics of the pet crate for an interstate move to Florida?

Pets come in different shapes and sizes, but when it comes to cats and dogs, they are all different in size and unique. What might be perfect for one small dog, might be a total miss for another dog of the same size. But one thing is for sure, if their owner moves with some interstate moving companies Florida they will be happy because their owner is happy. But nevertheless, the right pet crate for an interstate move to Florida is very important. Some factors that you should pay attention to are:

  • The size of your pet
  • The material that the crate is made of
  • The mode of transportation that you will use
Kitten inside a cage
Getting the right crate is very important

The size of your pet is the most impactful

It goes without saying that if you have a big pet, you shouldn’t bother looking at small crates. A rule of thumb is that your pet shouldn’t be wider or taller than the crate when standing next to it. While inside, they should be able to turn around and stretch comfortably while moving with some moving services Boynton Beach. If you have an extra large pet that doesn’t fit in the standard-sized crates, you can get one custom-made. Since this is the only place they will be for a long time if you are moving long distances, you should really pay attention to this.

The material of the crate

Crates can be made from different materials and in different shapes. Each of these has its good and bad sides. When it comes to plastic, it is the most used material for this purpose for its sturdiness and lower cost. Two downsides to this type of crates are the poor ventilation and your pet being unable to see what’s going on around them. Wire crates are the second most used and they can be good for some and bad for other pets. Some pets might feel anxious when they see that someone is approaching and they don’t have where to hide. These pets will be better off in a plastic crate. Other options are soft-sided and wood. The first is good for small animals when flying, while wooden crates can only be used for transportation in the car.

The mode of transportation

If you are planning to travel by car when moving with some residential movers Florida, you can basically use any box as long as it has good ventilation. Just don’t let your pet roam free in the car. Take a break every few hours and you should be good. If you plan to fly, there are two options. You will either take your small pet with you into the cabin in a soft-sided crate that can go under the seat, or as airplane cargo in case of a bigger pet. Every airline has its specific requirements for this, so make sure to learn about them on time.

Dog is going with their owner to get a pet crate for an interstate move to Florida
The transportation method dictates what crates you can use

Conclusion on picking the right pet crate for a move to Florida

When moving with pets, you will want what’s best for them. They will be under a lot of stress because of all the changes, so you should allow them to travel as comfortably as possible. That’s why you need pet crate for an interstate move to Florida We wish you good luck and an easy trip and adaptational period for both you and your pet!

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