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Pet-friendly places in Boynton Beach

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Whether you recently moved to another city, town, or neighborhood, or you’re a born and raised local inhabitant, being an animal lover might shorten your list of potential places to have a drink, grab some lunch or just hang out outdoors in the company of your beloved woofer, kitty, birdie, or other friends of the critter-kind. Nevertheless, don’t worry! When speaking about the burgeoning suburb of Boynton Beach, a part of Fort Lauderdale FL, this is not the case. When you move to this place with the help of New Leaf Moving Group Florida, you will see that there are some of the best pet-friendly places in Boynton Beach FL for your furry friends.

What are some of the most pet-friendly places in Boynton Beach

Before you move to Boynton Beach, you would most certainly want to research the area. With the help of moving companies Boynton Beach Florida has to offer, you will enjoy your relocation to this wonderful city. Additionally, we will help you find the most appropriate restaurants, bars, beaches, and parks for your pets.

A cat resting on a bed
Most of the restaurants in Boynton Beach will ensure your animal friends experience as much coziness and comfort as yourself

Pet-friendly restaurants in Boynton Beach

Some of the most enjoyable things in life include going out for a meal or snack with your friends, and spending quality time together while indulging in delicious nourishment, refreshing beverages & good company. That is the case when spending time with your pets also. You can book some of the moving services Boynton Beach, and while waiting for your moving day, learn more about this dynamic and lively district that offers many pet-friendly restaurants. We will name just a few that stand out among numerous excellent choices of pet-friendly places in Boynton Beach.

Happy Lavash Inspired Mediterranean

We’re starting with a place some might consider a tad more ‘exotic’. Located at 1010 Gateway Blvd STE 101, we present you the Happy Lavash – a restaurant that offers traditional Mediterranean specialties, including soups and salads, wraps, bowls, and fire-grilled kebabs – with a special accent on Turkish cuisine, especially (you guessed it) unforgettable Turkish desserts. There are also daily happy hours with live music, hookah nights, traditional Turkish breakfast served every day, BBQ, and much more! The place takes reservations, offers delivery, and offers takeouts, there are many vegan & vegetarian options, and of course – barkers, fluffers, and birds are allowed on board!

Two Georges Waterfront Grille

Founded by the Scaggs, a family who can be proud to say that culinary tradition runs through their veins, Two Georges Waterfront Grille is a seafood restaurant located at 728 Casa Loma Blvd. Nevertheless, besides classic seafood dishes, you can find every kind of food there is on their bill– their book-thick menu also presents you with mouth-watering appetizers, succulent burgers, rich sandwiches, desserts, and everyday special offers, all of which can share with your beloved pet! With a vast area intended for outdoor seating, partly located exactly above the Intracoastal Waterway, and a thatch roof overhead included, Two Georges Waterfront Grille offers plenty of space for your pets to stroll and meet new friends of the same kind.

A dog running on a pet-friendly beach in Boynton Beach
Everybody knows that sharing is caring – why then keep all the fun Boynton Beach provides for yourself, and not share it with your animal friends?

Hurricane Alley Raw Bar & Restaurant

As the winner of 2020 Best of Boynton Beach Awards in the Local Business category, Hurricane Alley Raw Bar & Restaurant has enough of everything it takes to make a top-notch dining establishment. From the menu, full to the brim of delicious signature classics, an eventful day-to-day program, including its own VIP Pirate Festival, and ridiculously cheap everyday happy hour hits – it’s all there. And to top it all off, maybe the main reason this downtown historical dining institution made this list – there’s even a separate ‘Doggie bites’ menu for all of those planning to visit this unique pet-friendly place in Boynton Beach with their canine buddies. 529 East Ocean Avenue is where the party is at – you won’t regret getting blown away in Hurricane Alley!

Bars, pubs & cafes that are pet-friendly

A sudden urge for a refreshing drink (be it coffee, an organic squeezed juice, a beer, or a colorful, freezing cocktail) is nothing out of the ordinary when you’re hanging out with your pet outdoors during what seems to be one of the all year long summers of Florida. It may cross your mind that bringing your animal friend to a cafe or a drinking establishment in Boynton Beach might turn out to be a problem, but not if you know the right place, where critters are as welcome as humans. Check out some of our top picks for pet-friendly bars, pubs, and cafes in Boynton Beach so you can plan!

A dog and his owner with a croissant in one of Boynton Beaches' pet friendly restaurants
There are many pet-friendly places in Boynton Beach

Brass Tap Beer Bar

Situated at 950 N Congress Ave., Ste. J100, The Brass Tap Beer bar in Boynton Beach has a supply of 150 craft beers from all over the world in a neighborhood atmosphere that feels both laid back and exclusive. Furthermore, their beer connoisseurs are ready to answer just about any question that comes to your mind. You’ll also find daily specials, live entertainment, and one-of-a-time events every month. If you’re keen on organizing a party of your own, whether it’s big or small, you’ll feel right at home watching the game or simply catching up on old times. And, what is most important for this article – you can watch your pet watching you getting sloshed if you feel like it – the place is absolutely pet friendly!

500 Ocean Cafe

Deemed the “most loved coffee shop of Boynton Beach”, the staff of 500 Ocean Cafe invests their hearts and souls in what they consider connects people the best – a good cup of finely brewed coffee. The menu presents an incredible abundance of different flavors, varieties, and sorts of the working man’s favorite beverage – from traditional Caffe Americano,  Espresso & Cappuccino, to such delicate caffeinated beauties as Coconut Milk Latte, Vanilla Latte, Breve Latte, and many others. What started as a small local business grew into a bona fide brand. 500 Ocean Cafe became the pride and joy of each coffee lover in Boynton Beach. Even in the wider region of Palm Beach, FL. And yeah, you can bring your dog here, too.

A woman holding a dog's paw in one of the pet-friendly places Boynton beach
Having lunch, dinner, or simple coffee or beer with your pet is one of the most joyous experiences you can have if you’re an animal lover!

Sheehan’s Corner Pub

Sheehan’s Corner Pub is one of the few pet-friendly places in this area still open until the crack of dawn. It is a late-night bar with hours from 4 P.M. to 5 A.M. the next day. If you’re new to the area, Sheehan’s is one of the best places to come and meet the locals. Step in here and you will find their regular patrons are very welcoming and kind-hearted. The bartenders are agile and responsive, the prices of drinks are reasonable and the place is well-ventilated. The owner is friendly, always chatting with patrons, and cracking jokes. As in every actual dive bar – TV and entertainment are obligatory.

At Sheehan’s Corner Pub, you will find traditional Craft Beers. But, most customers rave about the Long Island Ice Tea that is made here. The Tequila Sunrise is a local favorite, and locals always know it best. This business is an individual venture. Thus, you will have a lot of flexibility, so bringing a pet with you will be no problem. The pub is located at 10114 South Military Trail. Boynton Beach, Florida US.

Beaches & parks are pet-friendly places in Boynton Beach

Bringing your pet to lunch, dinner, or a drink might be good fun for both of you. But, we all know that there is something both pet caretakers and their animal friends enjoy more. And that is – outdoor quality time. For instance, you can sit with your doggo buddy all day, every day in coffee shops, restaurants & pubs alike, but nothing beats playing with your pets in the open, playing catch with a frisbee, a simple stick, or just plainly goofing around. When local movers Boynton Beach FL help you relocate, this is the best way to spend some quality time with your pets. Therefore, we bring you a short list of pet-friendly beaches and parks in Boynton Beach FL.

A dog carrying a ball in a pet-friendly park in Boynton Beach
Nothing beats some good outdoor fun with your beloved animal friend in one of the pet-friendly places in Boynton Beach
  • Boynton Village Park and Dog Park
  • Lake Ida Dog Park
  • Pioneer Canal Park
  • Boynton Lakes Park
  • Dewey Park
  • Meadows Park
  • Ocean Ridge Hammock Park
  • North End Beach Access
  • Ocean Inlet Park
  • Intracoastal Park
  • Gulfstream Park
  • Bark Park Dog Beach
  • Lake Worth Beach Park

In all these parks and beaches, you can enjoy spending time with your pets. It will not be nice only for them, it will also do you good. If you relocated with long distance movers Boynton Beach, then you can surely enjoy it right away, since your relocation was flawless.

Enjoy your life in Boynton Beach

You have seen that the city of Boynton Beach has a lot to offer. Not only will you enjoy relaxing and spending time in wonderful restaurants or parks, but your pets will also have some fun on the beaches and in the cafes, since there are many pet-friendly places in Boynton Beach. Contact your movers on time, prepare your pets, and get ready to enjoy your life after the relocation.

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