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Packing your kitchen for a move from Florida

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If you have prior experience with home relocation, then you surely know how hard it is to pack all your items. The most difficult part is packing your kitchen, because of the number of kitchen utensils. Fragile items are even worse to pack and secure properly. Just looking at all these things can be overwhelming. However, packing your kitchen for a move from Florida doesn’t have to be a nightmare. We can help you with moving from Florida to Boston with our packing tips. You just need to organize and follow our tips and tricks before you start. Have in mind that this is a very time-consuming process. A lot of cleaning, wrapping, and labeling is waiting for you, so start early with preparations.

Prepare well for packing your kitchen for a move

The first step you should take is decluttering and cleaning your kitchen. Throw away all broken and damaged items. You don’t want to waste your time and resources on wrapping and securing the cracked bowl you’ll throw anyway. Also, you can donate items you don’t need anymore to a local charity or websites like Further, you want your kitchen utensils to be clean and ready to use when you move into your new home. Save yourself from future headaches and wash all your dishes before you start packing your kitchen for relocation. Make sure you clean your kitchen appliances as well. Then make a box of essentials which you’ll be using a few days before relocation. It should consist of mugs, bowls, and silverware for every family member. Besides that, you might need a medium-size pot and frying pan. 

Packing your kitchen for a move from Florida.
Clean your kitchen before packing.

Gather wrapping material and moving boxes for packing your kitchen for a move 

After cleaning and downsizing, you should get packing materials. For a large kitchen, you’ll need up to 20 large and medium boxes, a few rolls of packing paper, bubble wrap, and tape. The boxes should be undamaged and sturdy since the kitchen utilities are heavy. You might buy dividers, which are very handy for stemware and glasses. However, if you’re packing on budget, you can use an old newspaper as wrapping material, or your towels and table cloth. Another good trick is to have a food wrap for stacked items or cutlery. It will keep them together and it’ll prevent them from scattering. For any doubt, you might have, check packing services Florida for advice and guidance. There is a good chance you’ll need even more material, but start with this amount and buy more later if needed.

How to properly pack your kitchen for a move

Figuring where to start when it comes to a kitchen relocation is the hard part, but if you sorted items previously it should be easier. Start with the items you don’t use as much. You can pack these weeks before the move. Then, you can move to the kitchen appliances. After that, you can focus on the fragile dishes. However, every dish must be well wrapped and protected. The last thing you want is to have broken items at the end of the journey. 

A man labeling the cardboard box.
Packing your kitchen for a move is time-consuming.
  • The ideal is to pack appliances in their original boxes. If you don’t have them use similar size boxes. Unplug them and remove all cords and hoses if possible. Wrap them separately and make sure you put them in the same box. You need to fill in gaps with crumbled cardboard or any other material to avoid shifting. Long distance movers Boca Raton FL can help you with packing your large kitchen appliances.
  • Glasses and other glass items must be wrapped separately with bubble wrap. It’s best to buy special dividers for stemware and glasses. Use medium size boxes and make sure you label them as fragile after you type them. Don’t put anything else on top of them.
  • For pots and pans, you can use large and medium boxes. Put smaller pots into bigger ones, just separate them with paper or bubble wrap, and stuck crumpled paper or towel around them. This will prevent shifting and fraying. Wrap lids and place them around the pots.
  • As for the cutlery, the best way is to group them by type and wrap them with cling wrap. Make sure you place knives faced down in the box before you tape it. 

How to pack your food items for relocation

As for the food, the advice is to transport it in your car. Because of the health and safety issues, your mover will not accept moving perishable food. However, New Leaf Moving Group can provide you with any moving service you might need. Make sure you don’t pile up stocks of food weeks before your relocation. Buy only essentials and try to spend them, don’t pile food. If you still have some food left, you can always consider donating to the food bank. Yet, the food you are taking with you must be sealed and secured. Place perishables and frozen food in the coolers, but it’s wiser to toss them or donate. Anything that is in the glass jars or bottles should be sealed and wrapped in paper. Canned food is not a problem, just put them in a medium-size box and tape them well. 

Kitchen utensils and silverware.
Kitchen utensils must be properly wrapped and packed.

Ultimate tips for packing 

When it comes to relocating the kitchen, the common rule is to not save your packing paper. The more paper you use, the more secure the load. Another important thing is to try not to overfill the boxes. Make sure boxes are not too heavy, to avoid falling apart. The good idea is to secure the bottoms of the boxes with tape twice. You may want to group your boxes by size, so the movers can put larger boxes on the bottom. In the end, packing your kitchen for a move from Florida is hard work, so try to find a pair of helping hands and take your time. Don’t rush and be thorough, it will pay off when you start unpacking in your new home. 

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