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Packing valuables for your FL to NJ move

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You have decided on moving to New Jersey. This is a great choice and a promising future awaits you for sure. But before you can settle in and begin a new chapter of your life, you must cover all the moving-related tasks. You should cover packing valuables for your FL to NJ move, work on legalities, search for one of the moving companies from Florida to New Jersey and appoint the right moving budget. It is a lot to do but today we will help you with the hardest part. Yes, the packing process. Let’s dive right in and ensure you are packed properly.

Inspect the entire home before you start packing valuables for your FL to NJ move

If you want to cover packing valuables for your FL to NJ relocation you must inspect your entire home first. Simply cover all rooms inside your home along with the loft, garage, backyard, and basement. This way you can create an inventory list with all furniture, appliances, and random household belongings. If you do it right, you will know how many furniture pieces are hard to handle and how many packing materials you must purchase. This will directly affect your moving budget and the complexity of the move so be sure to do it straight away. Create a moving checklist and list down all moving-related responsibilities along with the inventory list. Besides, your local movers Boynton Beach FL will highly appreciate the effort and it will help them create a moving plan and provide moving quotes much easier.

a couple creating a moving checklist
Inspect your home, realize the complexity of the move, and list everything down on your moving checklist.

Obtain materials for packing valuables for your FL to NJ move

Once you have all the information about your items, start gathering packing supplies. You can obtain everything from your movers Boynton Beach or you can order online. Also, you can visit your local home depot and a hardware store and purchase everything there. Do it however you like as long as your materials are delivered on time. Make sure you obtain the following:

  • Plastic bins and carton boxes.
  • Markers and labels.
  • Plastic covers and bubble wrap.
  • Adhesive tape and packing paper.

Those are the mandatory materials and if you purchase everything from the list, you will be able to cover the entire packing process without struggles. Once your materials are delivered, packing valuables for your FL to NJ relocation may begin.

Local movers can help you out as well

If you have no time to pack by yourself, your long distance movers Boynton Beach can provide packing services. It is a lucrative way of avoiding the boring and time-consuming packing process. Someone else can do it for a small fee. Therefore, ask your movers if they provide this service and purchase a whole package. They will bring the materials, pack, and unpack once you are relocated. Amazing service for sure.

let movers help you with packing valuables for your FL to NJ move
Utilize packing services and speed up the moving process.

Pack slowly and carefully

If you decide on packing by yourself, then you must do it at least a week in advance. Start early and cover each room gradually. You must declutter your home before relocating as well to avoid bringing unnecessary and outdated items to your new environment. Gather everything you do not need and donate or recycle. As for packing, you should never mix fragile objects with sturdier ones. Keep your glassware and other delicate items packed in designated boxes and labeled adequately. For most boxes, you should create a cushiony bottom where you’ll place items on top. Create a buffer between items by using bubble wrap or crumpled paper. Fill the box, close it, and apply packing tape. Repeat this process until you are fully packed.

As for your furniture, you should wrap it in blister packs and add a plastic cover on top. This way you will shield it against bumps and bruises that can easily occur when moving.

Packing valuables for your FL to NJ move is a fairly easy process if you organize everything in advance. And if you obtain proper packing materials from New Leaf Moving Group, you shouldn’t worry about a thing. Good luck!

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