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Packing tips for a long-distance move

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Moving to another part of the city or a close-by city is not easy. Now imagine moving thousands of miles away. It is not easy emotionally and it may be more complicated and stressful than when you are just moving the inner same city. Here you can find some useful packing tips for a long-distance move. They may help you to put your stress levels down. Because if you are well prepared there is hardly a thing that can surprise you and put you out of your tracks.

Preparing a list for customs in case of moving abroad

If you are moving to another country, you need to think about customs. In most countries, in order to transport your belongings, you need to prepare a packing list. This list has to contain all the belongings that you are bringing with you. Make sure to make several copies of the list, since you must pass it to the forwarding agency and customs clearance, among others.

Woman lying on stack of clothes in bedroom
One of the packing tips for a long-distance move is to sort out and declutter!

Additionally, you must bring a copy of the list with you, which you must show to the customs office of the port in question upon arrival of your belongings. If the customs clearance is handled by another person, you must issue a power of attorney to this person. At the port, you will receive another list from the shipping company, which you also need for customs clearance. You should receive the removal goods immediately, and if possible avoid storage costs.

What are you bringing with you?

 It is the time to throw or donate all the things that you no longer need. You don’t want to move stuff around that you know you will never need again anyway. When packing you can decide if you really need every item you pack. Anything that is not irreplaceable, useful, or emotionally important should be sorted out. In case you think you will need some of your belongings later, but you know you will not have a place for them in the new home you can rent a storage unit Boca Raton. Or in case you don’t want to carry all the stuff at the beginning with you, renting a storage unit is also a good option. In this way, you can put some of the stress from the move of your back.

Packing tips for a long-distance move – Use good packing materials

It cannot be pointed enough on how important packing material is. Good and quality packing material can keep your valuable belongings safe from damage. Use special wrapping paper or cotton towels to wrap your dishes. Doing so at least if you don’t need to wash your dishes completely after arriving in your new apartment. And they are more protected from breaking. You should also fill gaps in the boxes with pillows, blankets, or towels. This way nothing will break during transport.

To make things easier for you you can hire packing services Florida. Packing services can make sure that all of your valuables are properly packed and safe for transport. Make sure that you mark the boxes so that you know what they contain even before opening them. By doing so you can unload everything directly at the right place in your new home.

a cardboard box to remind you of packing tips for a long-distance move
Properly packed carboard boxes save you a lot of time and trouble when unpacking.

Packing things separately

It is not the right way to go to throw your stuff randomly into boxes. For the transport of your clothes, there are so-called clothes boxes, which are higher than conventional moving boxes. Alternatively, sturdy bags are also suitable for transporting clothes. Things that you will need at first in your new apartment you should pack and label separately in moving boxes. You can carry personal items such as cosmetics, medication, and clothing for the first day in a travel bag. By hiring interstate moving companies Florida that have the experience, you can get help with this task. Here are some things you need to do:

  • Prepare on time, approximately two months before you move
  • Make a packing tips list and follow it
  • Organize paperwork
  • Cancel old contracts, such as a gym membership, utilities, and your internet provider

Electrical and television sets

In the USA there is a different power supply system then in for example Europe. The USA uses 110 Volt alternating current where on the other hand in Europe there in use 220 Volt alternating current. This means that your electrical appliances in the USA can only be used if you have a switch. Often an additional adapter is required. To use household appliances such as vacuum cleaners or washing machines, you even need a transformer.

Therefore, electrical devices should generally not be taken when moving abroad. If you nevertheless decide to take one or the other electrical appliance with you, you should be aware of the fact that in case of a repair you will hardly find spare parts. Many companies refuse a repair order because they are not really familiar with foreign devices.

Flat screen television
You can also safely leave your TV sets behind because the American TV standard differs from the European one.

First day in your new home

Once you move to your new home, and Boca movers have done their job, there will be invadable a bit of chaos at first. There will be unpacked boxes lying everywhere and you also need time to make yourself familiar with your new home. Therefore, take your time. Unpack necessary things first, such as your kitchen supplies and stuff to wear for the first days.  It would be good if you can clean your new house after the move. Often by going in and out on the day of moving you will bring some dirt into the apartment.

Make a toast for a new home and enjoy your new home. We hope those packing tips for a long-distance move have helpt you now you can go out and explore the neighborhood.

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