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Packing glassware for a move from Boynton Beach to New Jersey

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Packing glassware for a move from Boynton Beach to New Jersey can be a bit tough. There are many things to look out for and to consider when you pack for a move. You want to pack as efficiently as possible, so you want to look for tips and tricks for packing glassware. Glassware is really delicate and needs a lot of care and attention if you don’t want it to break during the trip to New Jersey. That’s why New Leaf Moving Group is here: we can help keep your precious glasses safe. With our handy tips and tricks, every single glass will stay in one piece.

Tips for packing glassware for a move

In general, things that are made out of glass are prone to scratches, chipping, and worst of all, breaking. You can avoid all of these unfortunate incidents if you pack the right way. For the most part, you can start by choosing the right materials to pack your glasses, cups, mugs, and such. The materials you are going to need are:

  • cardboard boxes, not too big and not too small,
  • special packing paper, newspapers, bubble wrap, towels, anything of the sorts (if you don’t have any, you can buy packing materials on Amazon and such websites)
  • duct tape or any kind of tape that you can use for packing.

Start by filling your box with the paper you got and cover the bottom to protect the glasses if you drop a box. If you use towels or any kind of cloth, make sure the layer is thick enough to cushion the glasses. Afterward, wrap the big and heavy glasses first. Like when you pack any other items, the heaviest stuff goes to the bottom and the lighter things go on top. Don’t hesitate to use more paper and make more layers. If you want to save some material though, you can wrap similar glassware two at a time. After you’ve finished filling the first layer of the box, add another layer of crumpled paper or towels and place a few more glasses on top. Your glassware will be ready to be handled by the movers Boynton Beach has available.

crystal glasses
The more you wrap, the safer your glass or mugs will be.

I don’t think I can pack my glassware on my own, what do I do?

If you are, for whatever reason, unable to pack, or if you simply don’t want to, we have an easy fix for this. Many long distance movers Boynton Beach FL has to offer have available packing services. If you hire a moving company to relocate you, you can use their packing services to pack your inventory, including glassware. With the best materials and trained experienced staff, your glassware will be in safe hands and will be packed with professional skill and care. On top of that, it will be transported to your new New Jersey home safely- what a deal, right? Consider it before you decide to relocate. You might pay a little more, but you will not regret it. 

Additional tricks for packing glassware for a move

The thing about packing glassware is that it’s way more complicated than you think. There are different types and shapes of glass to pack. Wine glasses, beer mugs, cups, and mugs with specific shapes… You have to take care of them all. Most moving companies from Florida to New Jersey can help with their packing services. However, if you plan to pack every single thing all by yourself, then follow these few more tips for packing glassware just to be on the safe side.

packing glassware for a move
Pack on your own, or use packing services!
  • For glasses with stems, like wine glasses, martini glasses, or champagne glasses, you need to be extra careful. Wrap them the same way you’d wrap other glasses, but make sure to wrap the stem first. Use half of the paper sheet for the stem, then start rolling the rest to keep the most fragile part safe. Wrap them one by one, and pack them last.
  • No empty spaces allowed! Fill every single hole in the box with any kind of packaging. Use more crumpled paper, towels, or event packing peanuts and Styrofoam. You don’t want your glasses to move and tumble around in the box.
  • Cushion the top of the box, but do not overfill it. The layer on the bottom of the box should be similar to the layer on top, in terms of size.

The very last step is to make sure you packed well

At the very end of it all, the most important step is to check whether you packed well. Whether you’re moving with local movers Boynton Beach FL is known for or with long-distance movers, this is crucial. Not even the best movers can protect your stuff and keep your things safe if you didn’t pack well. Before you seal the box with your duct tape, give it a light shake. If you wrapped well, you won’t hear a single glass click inside. One more thing is to use paper and a marker to label the box. Write “fragile” on it or just write that it’s full of glass. It should do the trick. This way, your glasses will surely arrive at your New Jersey home in one piece instead of many pieces!

wine glasses
Don’t risk and break your fancy drinking glasses: follow these tips for packing glassware for a move!

After you unpack, you can have a drink to celebrate

When you’re done packing glassware for a move from Boynton Beach to New Jersey, you’ll miss having a glass of wine or two to celebrate special moments and things. However, after you finish moving across the state, you will have a cause to have a drink again. When you settle down in your New Jersey home, unpack your glassware, open a bottle of some fine wine, and take a break. You will be happy to see that every glass in the box is whole and ready to use. So, what are you waiting for? Get a free moving quote today and move with New Leaf Moving Group!

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