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Packing for college – dos and don’ts

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If you’re reading this, it means that you’re getting ready to start a new chapter in your life. You’re packing for college – dos and don’ts is just what you need before you get started. At New Leaf Moving Group Florida, we’ve done all sorts of different moves for all sorts of people. Because of that, we can give you some helpful advice on how to avoid mistakes while getting ready for the move. At first, it might seem like packing your items is overwhelming and hard. You have choices to make and you have to come up with a good plan and strategy. However, after reading this article, you’ll find out that getting ready for moving to college is simple. All you have to do is follow our packing tips and you’ll be good to go. Let’s dive into today’s packing lesson right away.

Things you should know before packing for college 

For the sake of the article, let’s say that you’ll move into a student dorm. If you’re moving to an apartment or something of the sort, then you’ll hire one of the many interstate moving companies Florida residents rely on. But anyway, there are some general rules and guidelines you want to follow when moving into a college dorm.

students studying at a table
Before you start packing, you need to jot down some rules.
  • First of all, each dorm has its list of prohibited items. As the name suggests, you’re not allowed to bring items from this list into the dorm.
  • A rule of thumb is to plan ahead. Pack what you need and know you’ll use it first. Afterward, you can pack amenities such as any collections and trinkets you want to bring with you.
  • Dorm rooms are small, shared spaces. Unless you stumble across a dorm that has 1-person rooms, you’ll want to ask your future roommate if they’re okay with certain things. Also keep in mind that travel bags and suitcases are clunky and will most likely take up a lot of space in your dorm room, which will already be quite small.
  • A rule of thumb is to plan ahead. Living in a dorm means you might be far away from the closest store and are even farther away from home. Bring clothes that are appropriate for the current season, and bring large bottles of shampoo and such. 
  • As with every other packing process, make a list or plan. We cannot stress this enough: planning what you’re going to pack will make everything so much easier.

Of course, these are just some elementary packing tips. You’ve probably learned them last year, but we touched upon them again anyway. Now, let’s move on to the specifics of packing.

When moving to a college dorm, here’s what you need to know

Moving to your new college dorm isn’t such a big deal. It’s not like you’ll be living in a tent and packing for it. There are some key tips to follow even when moving to a dorm, though.

bag used for packing for college
Learn more details when packing for college.
  • What you should do is pack only clothes that you know you’ll wear. If you got a shirt you haven’t worn in years, don’t pack it thinking you’ll wear it now.
  • Whether you’re traveling as a tourist or moving away, this is one of, if not, the most important packing rule on the list. Always bring extra towels and bed sheets, and maybe even another pillow, too. You’ll never know what can happen: you might spill water or your favorite drink on your sheets and will have to wash them.
  • There’s a good chance that your college dorm will have a wardrobe with a pole where you can put coat hangers on. As such, do bring hanging clothes without folding them. Simply hang them on the coat hanger and secure your clothes with garment bags for extra protection.
  • There’s a chance you’ve heard of messy roommates and how dirty dorms can be, so here’s another essential to bring to college. Slippers, flip-flops, and sandals are your best friend for walking around the dorm, so don’t forget to bring a pair. Most importantly, you can use them when getting out of the shower to avoid slipping or something of the sort.
  • Another thing you could do is bring one nice outfit or two. You might go to a party or celebration- college isn’t only about studying, after all. More importantly, reps from all sorts of companies might visit your college to scout for new potential interns and employees, so it’s a good idea to look neat.

The college will be full of ups and downs, but your move doesn’t have to be

We’ve learned a lot of new things about packing for college today, but that’s not all. If you’re afraid of packing all by yourself, or if you’d rather have someone else do your packing, don’t worry! We’ve got some of the best packing services Florida has ever seen. Whether you’re moving a collection of delicate items or need help hauling boxes, New Leaf Moving Group can help.

What if you’re actually one of those students who have found an apartment to rent close to uni? Well, as you might be able to tell, some of the packing rules we’ve talked about before don’t apply in this case, but most of the tips are still true. But, you’re in luck, because you can get reliable and efficient moving services Boynton Beach residents always opt for. If you need help moving a fridge or table, or if you just don’t have anyone else to help you, our movers are here for you.

unpacked notebooks
You are now done learning about packing for this big occasion! Congratulations!

With all of that out of the way, class is dismissed! We’ve learned about packing for college – dos and don’ts included, and what to do if you’re moving outside of a dorm. We’ve also mentioned that New Leaf Moving Group is ready to assist you during every step of the move and that you can always count on them for help. Your homework is to follow these nifty packing tips and to do your best while moving everything to your dorm. Good luck!

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