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Packing and moving IT equipment 101

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You decided on moving from Florida to New York and you must organize the whole deal. One thing that worries you the most is the packing process. In particular, how packing and moving IT equipment should look like. IT equipment is expensive and delicate so you must know how to do it right. Therefore, today we bring a small guide on IT equipment packing. Let’s take a look.

Find a trustworthy moving team

The very first step is to search for Florida relocation companies and find reliable ones. The goal is to enlist a moving team with all the tools, equipment, licenses, and knowledge to do it right. Therefore, start browsing online and narrow your search down. Compare prices and services and read a few moving reviews. In a matter of minutes, you’ll find a match.

Movers ready to help you with packing and moving IT equipment
Your cargo will be safe if you find a reliable and professional moving team.

Once you are satisfied with your results, give them a call and communicate the details further. Your local movers Boynton Beach FL should be ready to undertake this task without any problems. Let them help you finalize your relocation plan and provide a moving price. Then you can calculate your budget and prepare for the next step.

Prepare for packing and relocating IT equipment

The next step is to prepare for packing and relocating IT equipment. Firstly, you must take a photo of all the cables and your current hardware setup. It will help you assemble everything easier in case you forget how it was before. Then, make a few backups of your software and data by using an external hard drive or a flash memory. It is important to make a few versions of it in case you lose the only backup you have. And then you can start disassembling everything starting with all power sources. Detach and remove all cables and start cleaning your equipment thoroughly.

Packing and relocating IT equipment – step by step

Once you are done cleaning and disassembling, you can slowly pack your IT equipment. Hopefully, you already gathered all the packing materials required. If not, this is the shortlist of all the requirements:

  • Cardboard boxes or plastic bins
  • Packing tape
  • Cushion
  • Labels
A man holding a box
Label each box adequately to ensure your movers will take special care of it.

You can purchase everything online, at the nearest hardware store, or from your movers. Cardboard boxes are the best solution but you can use original boxes if you still have them. As for cushions, you should use bubble wrap or old clothing you already have at home. Ensure you label each box adequately to avoid damages. And if you need additional help, check out the moving services Boynton Beach. As we already said, packing service is extremely useful when moving IT equipment.

Be careful when handling IT equipment

Ok, as you can see packing and moving IT equipment is fairly easy if you tread carefully. But you must know how to load and unload the moving truck as well. Yes, your long distance moving Florida company will handle this part. But you must know that there is always a chance for moving mishaps no matter how prepared you are.

Therefore, to protect yourself and your cargo, you should consider purchasing moving insurance. It is yet another way to secure your investment and at least be compensated in case of damages. Seek insurance from your movers or from an insurance company.

Prepare your new place

At some point, you should visit your new place and ensure it is ready for you and your IT equipment. This means you should transfer your internet services on time, and ensure you have enough room to install your systems. Prepare LAN cables and a place where your router will be. And test your Wi-Fi beforehand to make sure you won’t have any problems with it.

As you can see, packing and moving IT equipment is not too hard. Follow our guide step by step and you’ll have a successful relocation. Add a personal touch and stick to your guide until the end. Hopefully, you won’t have any problems along the way. Good luck and we wish you a safe journey.

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