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Pack your home garden before moving from FL to NYC

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Many people dream of owning a perfect house. Usually, a perfect house is also a house with a beautiful garden. To make the space around your house beautiful and comfortable takes a lot of effort and tools. However, what happens when you have to move out of your dream home in Boynton Beach? What about your garden? How will you take it to NYC? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, here’s advice from New Leaf Moving Group Florida on how to pack your home garden before moving from Florida to New York City.

Contact Your Moving Company For Moving From FL To NYC

Before you start packing your home garden for the relocation, make sure to contact your moving company. Moving from Florida to New York isn’t an easy task. You want to make sure that your company offers all the moving services you will need for this interstate relocation. Some of the services you will want to look for are packing services and storage services, as well as interstate moving. New Leaf Moving Group will be more than happy to assist you with your move to New York. Just give us a call and we can arrange a smooth moving experience.

mover and a van
New Leaf Moving Group will help you pack your home garden for the move.

If you, however, are looking to relocate to a place that is closer to you, you might want to look for something different. Our local movers Boynton Beach FL will be happy to help you.

How To Pack Your Home Garden

The way you pack your things is very important. This is especially important when it’s your garden that you’re packing. In general, when packing your home garden for moving, the things you will want to pack the most are:

  • gardening equipment,
  • garden furniture and
  • decorations.

Of course, packing isn’t easy for everyone. It takes a very organized and strong person to pack things for relocating to New York. If you don’t think that you’re fit for the task, don’t worry! You can always ask one of the best interstate moving companies Florida to help you with packing. However, if you’re ready to pack your things by yourself, then consult the following packing guide. At New Leaf Moving Group, we believe it is better to be safe than sorry. 

How to pack your gardening equipment

To make your garden look good, you need lots of tools and equipment. If you want to prevent any possible damage before and during transport, you should pack your tools accordingly. To water your plants, you need a watering can or water hose. While a can is much simpler to pack, you need to pay attention to packing the hose. Don’t bend it too much to avoid tearing and cracking.

gardening tools and plants
Get sufficient materials for packing your home garden.


You might have machines such as grass mowers and trimmers which you use. If possible, put them in their original boxes. In case you threw them away, put them in other cardboard boxes. Fill the boxes with packing beans, paper, styrofoam, and other materials to secure your gardening machines from damage. Also, if you can, disassemble them for easier packing. Tools such as shovels, scissors, and such should be wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in a separate box, or even better, a toolbox.

Packing your home garden furniture

A garden is not a garden without a place to rest. Usually, a garden has a table and a couple of lawn chairs in it. You might be able to disassemble the table to make it easier to pack. When it comes to chairs, stacking them one on top of the other is usually your best bet. Make sure to secure them with materials such as duct tape and ropes to prevent them from falling. 

Some people also have umbrellas or tents to create shade in their garden. Put your umbrella in a bag and wrap it as much as possible to avoid damaging the fabric. If you still have its original package, make sure to use it. The same applies to tents. Disassemble it and put all the bars and poles together. Tie them together and preferably put them in a cardboard box so they don’t hit other things and cause damage. The fabric should also be carefully packed and stored. A tent with tears and holes in it is of no use.

Pros Of Moving Your Home Garden To NYC

When you hear the name “New York”, the first things that come to mind are buildings and concrete. You might think that there are no gardening opportunities in the Big Apple, but you are wrong.

New York City actually has developed urban agriculture. If you’re downsizing and will have a smaller garden in your new home, or if you’re moving into an apartment, you have an option. There are around 550 community gardens in New York and counting. In case there isn’t an urban garden in your neighborhood, there is a guide for creating a new community garden near you. So, in case your new home doesn’t have enough space for your ideal garden, don’t throw away your tools just yet. Give them another chance.

new york city
Moving to New York City can be good for your garden.


If you are able to rebuild your Florida garden in New York City, there is another advantage. New York City has plenty of stores where you can buy gardening tools and equipment. Home Depot is one of the more popular and frequent ones, but in such a big city, there are surely other stores you can check out.

Take care of your tools so they can serve you well in the future

Gardens are a key part of one’s home. The way your home looks like on the outside reflects its looks on the inside. Aside from looks, gardening is also a great way to spend your free time. To make a garden is to make a place where you can enjoy nature without leaving the premises of your home. Hopefully, this guide for packing your home garden before moving from FL to NYC will help you make the process much easier.

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