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You should prepare for your next move with care. New Leaf Moving Group Florida is here to show you how to pack Christmas decorations for storage this year. Christmas is the happiest time of the year when you decorate your home festively. However, packing your Christmas décor and ornaments after it’s all over is quite sad and tiring. On top of that, you have to be careful with how you put your decorations away and how you store them to keep them safe. If you want your Christmas decorations to be safe and sound, you might want to read the rest of the article.

Why is the way I pack Christmas decorations so important?

Decorating the Christmas tree is a magical tradition that dates back to the 16th century. When decorating it, you usually drink coffee, tea, or cocoa and play some jolly Christmas tunes to set the mood. Christmas ornaments have sentimental value, too, and people like to look back and recall where they got them from. No doubt, it’s one of the happiest times of the year! This can go very wrong, however, if you didn’t pack your décor the right way. You might find a bunch of shards and broken pieces and tangled fairy lights instead of neatly arranged and stored decorations. This is why packing your décor the right way is so crucial. There are many more reasons, though.

pack Christmas decorations
Pack Christmas decorations to keep them safe and prevent damage.
  • You have to pack properly to avoid damaging other items as well.
  • Some decorations might have liquid parts which can leak out and cause a mess.
  • Shards and broken pieces can also make cuts and cause pain if not handled the right way and discarded.
  • You will feel bad if an ornament that’s dear to you turns out to be broken and can’t be fixed. This is especially the case with ornaments that are gifts from family or friends.
  • In general, you want to pack things properly. Who knows? You might find yourself moving from Florida to New York and will need your decorations packed. It’s never too late to start packing and storing items correctly.
  • Who doesn’t like having their storage organized and well-packed?

Pack your Christmas decorations for storage the right way…

Moving on to the main part of our topic, we will cover some tips, tricks, and steps for packing your holiday décor for storage and for the move. You can never be too safe when it comes to packing fragile items, and you can never have too much advice. Packing the right way is going to save you lots of money, and it will also make things much less stressful than they are. For example, when you’re moving with local movers Boynton Beach FL, if your items are already packed and stored, you will have done half of the work right away. You won’t need to use packing services, and your items will already be ready to store inside the company vehicle. Keep the following things in mind when packing for storage:

  • Make your storage unit ready for use: clean it up, make a plan, and get ready.
  • Use the right materials to pack your items: you can buy them at various places, or you can buy them online.
  • Know the dos and don’ts of packing items for storage in general: let’s say you know you mustn’t store your electric décor in a moist place with no isolation.
cardboard box on floor
These tips, tricks, and steps for packing your holiday décor for storage can help you a lot.

Tips and tricks for packing Christmas décor

Firstly, organize before you pack. Organizing helps keep your decorations safe in storage and makes them easy to set up when the next holiday season comes. Declutter, get rid of what you don’t want or need. Then, divide things by type and use ornaments, string lights, Christmas trees, wreaths, etc. After that, untangle all knots you find before storing. Why lose time untangling string lights when you are about to decorate when you can do earlier? We recommend using something to wrap your lights around to stop it from getting into a knot again. One more crucial thing when it comes to packing Xmas stuff is packing fragile things away from the others. Glass, ceramics, beads, most ornaments, and string lights with glass bulbs are just some of the things on this list. Last but not least, get your packing materials!

scissors and duct tape on bubble wrap
Packing can be easy with the right tips and tricks!
  • Choose the right containers and boxes for each type of your decorations. You might want to opt for plastic containers to store items because they’re more durable than cardboard boxes, and you can use them on and on again. If this is too costly for you, cardboard boxes will do the job just fine as long as you don’t overload them and look for damage before using them.
  • Get any kind of wrapping material to secure things! Bubble wrap or paper, it doesn’t matter. For example, you can use them to wrap your fragile bulbs and ornaments piece by piece, and then store them together. In-box dividers can also help keep your décor safe in storage.
  • Get rid of empty spaces in your containers to be safe! Empty spaces can be a hazard. Your items can tumble and move while they’re inside, and this can mean damage and broken stuff.

You and your decorations will be thankful after you pack for storage

After you pack Christmas decorations for storage with our little guide, setting up Christmas decorations next time will be a breeze. Even if you have to relocate, you can search for the best interstate moving companies Florida and not have to use packing services! Your ornaments will be safe and secure. If you can pack your Christmas ornaments for storage, you can pack anything at all. If you don’t make it the first time, don’t worry. After all, they say that practice makes perfect!

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