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Pack and move your pantry before moving to NYC

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    In most homes, the kitchen is usually the hardest room to pack. It’s a pretty easy task to get some boxes and pack everything in the living room or bedroom into them. The kitchen, on the other hand, requires a different technique for every type of item. Even after relocating multiple times and becoming an experienced professional at wrapping glasses and stacking paper around and under bowls and plates, there is always that one painful question: What to do with the food remaining in your pantry? It would be a waste to simply throw it out. It’s often difficult to decide the best option to deal with this situation. Let’s give you a few tips on how to pack and move your pantry!

    When should you pack and move your pantry?

    Packing your pantry isn’t always a good idea. The most important factors to think about are the length of the relocation, how safe the food items are, and the expiration date of each article. If you are relocating a short distance, you can pack whatever you wish because it will be transported neatly by reliable relocation companies like long distance movers Boynton Beach. The risk of delay or spoilage is minimal.

    A lot of jars and boxes stacked upon each other
    Carefully select which food to leave and which to take with you when you pack and move your pantry.

    However, if you are going to pack and move your pantry over a long distance, take time to check the expiration dates. And only take things with more than 6 months remaining with you. You should pack spice jars and closed items. But open containers and bags wouldn’t be a good choice when packing your pantry. You should consider the cost of packing cheaper goods too.  When added to a long-haul relocation like moving from Florida to New York, it might even turn out to be more expensive than to just buy new food once you’ve moved.

    What to do with the Fridge?

    First things first, remember that food in the fridge will spoil if not handled the proper way. It is kind of an unwritten rule that refrigerator goods aren’t packed for a move. Unless the move requires less than two hours of driving. That being said, it’s totally understandable to not want to throw away your freezer resources.

    However, you will have to move any leftover groceries by yourself. Relocation companies like movers Boynton Beach will be willing to give you advice on how to handle your food when you pack and move your pantry but they do not handle food that can spoil.

    A box filled with food on a kitchen table
    If you can’t or don’t want to bring it along when you pack and move your pantry, donate your food and make someone’s day.

    Donate pantry goods you have to leave behind

    Last but not least, what should you do with any food you can’t take along with you? There are many places that would be more than willing to take the food from your boxes and distribute it to those who are in need. Choose a New Leaf Moving Group to help you with problems such as these. Donating food is a really important type of charity on a local level. So no matter if you have a few boxes of cookies or an entire pantry filled with non-perishables, think about donating the things you can’t take with you. Or things you won’t need once you move to your new house.

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