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Organize a Christmas Eve celebration in your new Seattle home after moving from FL

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If you moved into your new home right before Christmas, you may want to celebrate both, moving in and holidays. It’s an ideal chance to organize a Christmas Eve celebration in your new Seattle home after moving from FL. The end of the year is near, and it’s the perfect time to throw a party and welcome guests to your new home. If you have some energy left for partying, check out these tips that New Leaf Moving Group created for you.

Make a good plan when you decide to organize a Christmas Eve celebration

Whether your want a small private dinner or a big cocktail party, you’ll need a plan. Planning a party could be a real pain if you don’t start on time. Therefore, preparing early is a smart thing to do. You’ll have enough time to think of all the tinny details. First of all, set your budget rate, and start from there. After that, choose the type of party, depending on the size of your home. Maybe you want to have a party for your stuff, after relocating your company with corporate relocation companies Florida. You’ll need to decide the number of guests you’re going to invite. Make a list of all the groceries, drinks, and decorations you need to buy. Go shopping long before the big day to avoid crowds and lines in stores.

Organize a Christmas Eve celebration presents
Make a detailed shopping list.

Prepare your new home for guests

Now that you figured out the type of party and the number of guests you’ll invite, you need to make enough space. Maybe you can push your big furniture closer to the walls. Or, you can take out some items to make more room. Also, you can call movers Boynton Beach, and they will gladly rent you their storage units if you need one. After that, you might want to clean up your living space. Mop your floors, and clean up your bathroom first. Next, pay attention to details. Make sure your dishes and towels are clean and store enough toilet paper in the bathroom. And finally, make enough room for coats.

Decorate your home

First of all, the best part of every holiday is the decorations. Hopefully, your relocation was stress-free, thanks to the interstate moving company Florida you moved with. Now, you can start working on the party. First, start unpacking decorations from previous years. You might want to buy a new Christmas tree if you have more space in a new home. There are a lot of simple and on-budget ideas of how to give your place a festive look.

Details that make a memorable holiday celebration

Try to imagine a party with no colors and details. It would be dull. If you want your party to be remembered, add some visual details to it.

Champaign in glasses and christmas ornaments.
Organize a Christmas Eve celebration and make your party memorable with glitter and Christmas lights.
  • Create a cozy atmosphere for your guests. There’s nothing as cozy as soft holiday-themed pillows and blankets. Place them all over, on your sofa and chairs. If you have a fireplace in your new home, now is the perfect time to light the fire. Another way to add more coziness is to light scented candles. Prepare warm slippers or Christmas-themed socks for your guests.
  • The Christmas tree is the star of the party. Make sure you pack your Christmas tree properly before moving from Florida to Seattle. Leave enough room for the tree, and place it somewhere where it’ll be visible. Make some hot chocolate, play your favorite Christmas music and start placing the ornaments and lights.
  • Have a Christmas-themed photo wall. There are a lot of ideas for wall-hung trees or waterfall baubles. Also, you may add whatever you like, balloons, garlands, shiny ribbons. Finally, apply some glitter and add some lights to your wall, so the party can begin.
  • After all, you can ask your kids to make some DIY crafts. Find some pine cones, let them paint them, and then place them in bowls or hang them around. Also, they can make fake snow out of cotton balls, and make festive wreaths out of branches, pines, ribbons, etc.
  • Maybe you’re not good with paint and brushes, but you can always ask someone to paint your windows. Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like winter scenery painted on your window.

Set up a food menu for your party

Another major thing that you must plan is food. You’ll set up a menu depending on your cooking skills, number of guests, and your budget. One thing is sure, you can’t go wrong with traditional Christmas food, like eggnog, canape, and festive dessert. If you can afford it and if you don’t want to cook, you can even hire a professional chef or catering. For example, give Catering Seattle a call and see what they have to offer. Also, make sure to have vegan dishes on your menu as well if you have vegans coming over. Last but not the least, your private cocktail bar. Buy some liquor and sodas and start the fun. You can make a recipe list, and have one person mix the drinks. Or you can set up a cocktail buffet. Get some good bar glasses and a pitcher, and the party can begin.

Make your music playlist

Earlier, you can ask your guests to add their favorite holiday song to the list. That way you’ll give them some time to think and recall their favorite songs. At the start of the party, you can play calm and relaxing carols. Then, you can turn up and put a playlist on repeat. Don’t forget karaoke, but first, make sure to notify your neighbors of the upcoming noisiness. You can even invite them, as well. Or, you can have a themed party, like a disco evening. Buy a disco ball and go wild!

colorful fireworks in night sky
Have fun on Christmas Eve.

After you organize a Christmas Eve celebration…

Finally, when you organize a Christmas Eve celebration in your new Seattle home after moving from FL, remember one thing. In the end, it’s all about getting together and connecting. Invite the people you love, and enjoy your time together. It’s that time of the year. HO-HO-HO!

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