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Office decluttering tips before moving to Seattle

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Relocating home is hard and complicated. But moving a business is an entirely different story. Yes, both relocations require you to prepare an adequate budget, sort out legalities, find professional movers and organize packing logistics. But moving a business has a few more steps. For example, office decluttering is a bit more complicated and it can create a lot of problems if not executed in the right way. Therefore, let us help you with moving from Florida to Seattle and make it a pleasant experience rather than a stressful one. Let’s declutter and downsize together!

Inspect your new offices before moving

Before you start packing, organizing or office decluttering, you must know more about the place you are moving to. Your new Seattle offices are probably bigger than your previous ones but, in some situations, that might not be the case. But in any case, you should inspect your new place inside out and create your move-in plan. Figure out where to place all your furniture, assets, IT equipment, lunch areas, restrooms, etc. You must do this well in advance so you have enough time to declutter, purchase new equipment if necessary, and relocate without having any impact on your business. Besides, this information is valuable to your interstate moving companies Florida as well because you will work closely with them from start to finish. Therefore, make sure you gather all the necessary info about your new offices as soon as possible.

people in office shaking hands
Inspect your new offices and create decluttering and moving in plan.

Create office decluttering and relocation plan

Keep in mind the size of your business, location, the distance, accessibility, the number of items you are moving, the nature of items you possess, etc. List everything down on your moving checklist along with all moving-related responsibilities. You should create such a personalized guide to keep you on track. It will help you avoid forgetting something important. Trust us, it can happen to anyone. Especially when handling such a huge project as office relocation is. Now when you know more about your new building, you should inspect the old one as well and add everything onto the moving checklist along with the inventory list.

You simply must know the exact number of items you are moving. Simply because your movers Boynton Beach must know how many people they should bring, what size of the vehicle is needed, and how many packing materials are required. Furthermore, you must check the environment as well. Measure all the corridors, staircases, hallways, and doors. Make sure it is safe to work in and have a contingency plan in case something goes wrong. After you cover everything, start working with your movers to finalize everything and set a moving date.

Find a reliable moving team

Ok, now that everything is prepared for the relocation, you should find one of the corporate relocation companies Florida to assist you. Obviously, you want only the best one for you and your business. To find one, you will search on the internet and you will find them easily. Just compare them by comparing prices and services. Also, read a few reviews but make sure they have the following:

  • Licenses and permits.
  • Tools and equipment.
  • Experience and good reputation.
  • Safety standards and insurance.
  • Moving services you need and competitive prices.
two movers assembling boxes
Find your moving professionals on the internet. Ensure they meet the criteria to move your business.

Once you find an adequate moving company, give them a call, and communicate the details further. Do not accept the first offer you get but call a few companies and check your options. After an hour you will find your movers.

City of Seattle

while searching for movers, browse a bit about the place you are moving to. The city of Seattle is a place full of opportunities and as you may already know, it has a steady job market and growing economy. And the best thing is there is no income tax. Yup, that’s right. Although, it is a bit more expensive to live here because both housing and groceries are slightly above the national average. But amazing job opportunities and higher salaries compensate for this situation. Hence, it is a good choice that you have decided to move your business here. All you must do is to research a bit about the history and culture of the place so you can get along better with the locals and adapt easier. Good luck.

Who will help you with office decluttering?

The entire office cleaning can take days or even weeks. So, you should seek help from friends or coworkers. It depends on the size of your business of course. If you are running a corporation, then you will surely spread tasks among teams and appoint team leaders to take care of this. And if you are running a fairly small business with a couple of employees, then you will team up and do this together. You should shuffle through all your items and sort them into categories. Make designated piles with items made of plastic, glass, paper, etc. This way you can later easily discard them appropriately. Once you separate good items from the ones you are removing, you can take a few cardboard boxes and garbage bags and take everything out in the hallway or the docking area. Simple as that.

you might need help with office decluttering
Some office spaces are quite a mess. Seek additional help to clean it all out.

Get rid of the junk you have gathered

There are a couple of ways to get rid of all the stuff you have decluttered. One is to give to friends, relatives, coworkers, etc. Then, you can throw it away or recycle it. And you can sell online but that might take time. Although, if you have a lot of old IT equipment, someone might pay a lot for it. Finally, you can donate to charities and similar organizations. Just find the one you like on the internet and give them a call. Both charities and recycling facilities have a pickup option so you won’t have to worry about it. Schedule a pickup date and they will take everything off your hands.

This is the way office decluttering should look. It is nothing special, to be honest. As long as you prepare the whole project upfront and find an adequate moving company, you’ll be just fine. Hopefully, New Leaf Moving Group provided you with enough info so you can do just that. Good luck and stay safe.

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