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Moving to Texas from Florida during holidays: tips and tricks

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Moving during the holidays might not be ideal. The holidays are a time when people want to relax and rewind from a busy year and wait for the new one in peace. But many people decide to enjoy their relocation with a holiday spirit. You might think that this is wrong or impossible to do, but a winter move has many benefits. Some cross country movers Florida might have a better deal during the holidays. But those benefits come with a lot of work. Here are some tips and tricks that will help make moving to Texas from Florida during holidays easier and more entertaining. You’ll be cozy in your new home in no time, thinking about decorations and holiday celebrations with your loved ones.

Moving to Texas from Florida during holidays is easier with a good plan

A moving plan is an essential part of every relocation. And it’s never more obvious than when moving during the holidays. There are so many things to juggle around. First, you are probably very busy at work, since December is the busiest time of the month. Second, you need to think about how you will decorate your new home. And thirdly, you need to find reputable South Florida movers who are available so close to holidays. It’s a busy season, so you need to dig deep to find the right moving assistance. And to get a fair price for your move. A proper plan can only be developed well in advance. A few months before the move is a good time to start. Think about the most important things, and draw out a plan sketch where you will, with time, add the smaller details.

Picture of a woman with a moving checklist before moving to Texas from Florida during holidays
Having a moving checklist can greatly speed up the moving process

Create a moving checklist for a carefree move

The first step in creating a good moving plan when moving to Texas from Florida is a checklist. It’s essentially a list of everything that you need to do related to your move. Not creating one is one of the top moving mistakes you should avoid. Having a moving checklist can help you in so many different ways.

  • It will keep you organized
  • You’ll stay on track
  • It minimizes the risk of forgetting something
  • You’ll know exactly what to do next
  • It brings order to an otherwise chaotic experience

Not to mention the sweet satisfaction when you check an item off your list. The list will get shorter with every tick and you will be closer to finishing this dreaded task. It’s important to list everything that you need to do when moving to Texas from Florida during the holidays this year. The list might seem long. But bit by bit you’ll get through every single item. And in the end, you’ll have a completed list of everything you did for your move. Something you can be proud of. 

Moving your office to Texas from Florida during holidays requires careful planning as well

Holidays are a great time to move your office. If your business doesn’t see any clear benefits from the holidays, you will have plenty of time to set up your new office space. You can neatly set up the cabling, decorate the space, and have plenty of time to adjust. But, it also requires a good amount of planning and good assistance. For that reason, corporate relocation companies Florida can help you by making your move faster and easier. So make sure you take advantage of that. Holidays come and go quickly. And you need to be able to open your doors and start working as soon as you can.

Picture of an office
The holiday season is a great time to move an office

#1 tip when moving to Texas from Florida during holidays is to find a good moving company

Professional movers can help you move faster, easier, and with fewer mistakes. A lot of people think that they can pull off an interstate move with no assistance, only ending up needing to find something last-minute. Which isn’t always perfect. Moving to Texas from Florida is a big task, one that can only be completed with the help of professional movers. So, instead of having to rush through finding them, start now. Movers tend to get busy during the holidays, so make sure to book your at least a few months in advance.

Starting early is the key to finding quality movers

Moving to Texas from Florida during holidays is a bit tricky. The holiday season is usually a very busy one. And most quality movers have already been booked. But, not everything is bad. With a little bit of time and effort, you should be able to find suitable residential movers in Florida. But, you need to search in the right places. First, go to your favorite search engine and start your search. Find a few companies that you like and contact them. Ask for a moving estimate from each and see which days are available.

It’s best to start this as early as possible. As we already mentioned, the holiday season is quite a busy period for moving companies. But, even if you are looking for movers last minute you should be able to find something. The important thing is to stay safe. Don’t compromise on the price or availability. Because the wrong moving company can cost you a lot. And since you will be in a hurry, you will be more prone to making mistakes and ignoring the red flags.

Picture of a woman using a laptop
When moving to Texas from Florida during holidays, you will be highly likely to find a lot of scammers

Important holiday moving tip: Beware of the scams

Moving scams are something you should seriously think about before booking movers. There are fraudulent moving companies out there, especially during the holiday season. And they want to take advantage of the holiday rush to score big. So, when moving to Texas from Florida during holidays, make sure you do a background check before you book movers. You don’t have to do anything fancy. Make sure they are registered and licensed, check their BBB rating, dig a little bit through their website, and so on. Make sure you pay special attention to their negative reviews. Don’t focus too much on completely positive or negative entries. Read the ones in the middle. And, as a rule of thumb, everything that is too good to be true usually is.

Think about the method of transportation that you will use

When moving to Texas from Florida during holidays, there are only two options when it comes to transportation, traveling by car or by airplane. If you decide on using your car, keep in mind that it will be a 20-hour drive. Since it will be during the holidays, traffic can get brutal. Try to avoid passing through cities and busy highways, while only taking less popular paths when possible. If you decide to hire some long distance movers Boca Raton FL your items will travel this way, and they will be safe.

Traveling between these two states will take a long time, so it might be better to choose an airplane ride. But keep in mind that a lot of people travel during this time of the year, so book your tickets well in advance, mostly to save money. Airplane traveling used to be more expensive than traveling by car, but thanks to the recent gas price surges, the prices are similar now.

Picture of packed presents
Traffic can get tough at this time of the year

 Pack Christmas decorations aside

During another time of the year, the Christmas decorations should be packed first, since you won’t be using them any time soon. But the holiday season calls for decorations, and likely soon after moving. To avoid going through all the packed boxes, pack the decorations that you will be used separately, in a labeled box. This way you will have them at hand for when you need to add a bit of Christmas spirit to your home.

Packing when moving to Texas from Florida during holidays will take most of your time

One of the best pieces of advice that you can get when moving to Texas from Florida during holidays is to make enough time for packing. It might seem pretty straightforward. But, unless you are using professional packing services, you are looking at hours upon hours of packing. There’s a lot to decide, plan, and execute. For example, moving home appliances from Florida isn’t straightforward at all. You might even need to call a handyman to help you disconnect them. Not to mention packing your wardrobe, book collection, electronics, and everything else you might have in your home. But, with enough time and a good plan, everything is possible. Don’t despair and start getting ready as soon as you know that you will be moving.

Picture of a couple packing for moving to Texas from Florida during holidays
Remember to leave enough time for packing

Moving to Texas from Florida can be the right decision

The holidays are a beautiful time of the year, and also a good time to start fresh. If you decide to leap, you will wait for the new year in another state, in your new home. It will take some time to get used to it, but in time, everything will be the way you want it to be. We wish you plenty of patience and good luck when moving to Texas from Florida during holidays!

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