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Moving interstate in the spring: Where Floridians move to?

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Sunny weather, pristine beaches, a relaxed lifestyle, and low taxes are just some of the points that make Florida one of the most popular destinations for relocation. The Sunny state is one of the most populous in the US after California and Texas and for a good reason. However, despite the ever-growing population, some people still decide to leave Florida. There are many various reasons for making such a decision. Floridians contact New Leaf Moving Group to help them with the relocation either in search of different job options or to experience different seasons. But which states can offer equally or more attractive livability conditions? If you are considering relocating from Florida there are many popular destinations all over the US. Discover in this article where Floridians move to and which are the most attractive destinations after the Sunny State.

Most common reasons for leaving Florida

Many US citizens and a number of people from all over the world dream about visiting and relocating to Florida. However, after some time here, you might wish to experience something else. Although it is hard to imagine that someone would leave Florida, hot weather can be some of the reasons. You might wish to contact interstate moving companies Florida because of the high humidity that follows the hot weather.

high waves on the sea
You can expect some strange weather condition every once in a while.

In addition, hurricanes and tornados might be another reason to swap Florida for another state. Hurricane season lasts for almost six months and can cause many disasters. Florida is constantly flocked with tourists. Thanks to Disneyworld,  the Daytona 500, and national parks the streets are constantly full of people from all over the world. Finally, in Florida, you can meet some dangerous animals such as an alligator or bears. On top of that roaches and flies can be pretty tedious.

Chicago is one of the most popular places where Floridians move to

If you are about to leave Florida and move to Chicago, it would be useful to discover the living condition this state offers. If you liked the fact that Florida is pretty populous, you will have the same experience living in Chicago. This is the 3rd most populous city in the US with almost 3 million people living there. Moving to Chicago from Florida means moving to one of the richest cities in the nation.

The job market is continually growing as well. Some of the most popular industries are manufacturing, finance, and construction. Chicago has a bigger public school system with more than 600 schools. Sports fans will have a chance to watch NBA Chicago Bulls and NFL’s Chicago Bears. Chicago is a foodies’ heaven where you can taste everything from Chicago hot dogs to deep-dish pizzas. Also, you will have a chance to taste Jibarito, Chocago-style popcorn.

the streets of Chicago where Floridians move to
Chicago is one of the most popular destinations for Floridians.

Seattle is another popular destination for ex-Floridians

Relocation is one of the greatest changes and you probably cannot wait to experience living in another state. Among the top choices for many Floridians is Seattle. Moving from Florida to Seattle will lead you to numerous breathtaking views. Unlike busy Florida, in Seattle, you can experience peace and serenity. There is a number of parks and hiking trails that you can visit.

If you are moving with kids, it is useful to know that Seattle has an excellent school system. In general, this is a great country for raising children. The crime rate is low, there is plenty of fresh air and fun amenities for children. Seattle is a place where Floridians move to because of the steady job market. Microsoft has its headquarters here. Therefore, this is the main global technology scene spot. Outdoor enthusiasts can have a weekend getaway in numerous cycling tracks, fishing, and climbing spots.

Boston is a place where Floridians move to

If you choose to relocate to Boston, you will experience great warm summers and astonishing falls in this city. Also, unlike Florida, Boston will provide a true winter experience. The healthcare system in Boston is perfect for families with children. This city is home to one of the most popular hospitals in the area- the Massachusetts General Hospital, and Boston Children’s Hospital.

Boston offers world-class learning institutions. In addition, when moving from Florida to Boston, you will come to the main transportation hub. There is a great network of public transportation in the city. Besides that, there are many festivals and cultural activities in general. In numerous bars and restaurants, you will have a chance to try abundant seafood and world cuisines. Also, there is a number of high-paying job opportunities, but the costs of living are also higher than in Florida.

a white yacht on the sea
Boston is one of the cities where Floridians move to often.

Other popular destinations for Floridians

Although Florida has affordable living costs, many residents of the Sunny state decide to move to California. This is one of the most expensive countries for living in the US. However, the job market and high salaries constantly attract newcomers. Austin, Texas is probably one of the most desired destinations for many Americans. Tech startups and tech companies are overflowing the market where you can easily find a position. In addition, the city is safe and affordable, and family-welcoming. Atlanta in Georgia offers fantastic carrier options and for this reason, many young professionals choose to call it home. It boasts great nightlife and it has a very strong indie music spirit. This is also a city for singles. You can go on a date and meet new people in various places. It has a rich cultural scene, and it is home to the High Museum of Art.

Although Florida is rich, affordable, and lively, some people still wish to move out of this state in search of new opportunities. There are many popular destinations where Floridians move to. Depending on your needs and preferences you should take your time and do research to discover which destinations would be a perfect fit for you and your family. No place is perfect and for this reason, it is advisable to make a list of pros and cons for each destination.  Eventually, you will find a great match and start packing your boxes.


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