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Moving from a house to an apartment in Delray

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    Most of the time moving from a house to an apartment means that you will be downsizing. Apartments are usually smaller and require different space organization. Of course, to be able to downsize properly, you will need to have a blueprint of your new home or, at least, to visit it in advance and take precise measurements. Once you have your apartment’s plan in your hands it will be much easier to determine which items to get rid of and what to keep. Naturally, you will have to do this way before your Delray Beach FL movers come into your house. Let’s take a look at how to do it efficiently and successfully.

    Downsizing is a time-consuming process. Start as soon as you can

    The first and most important thing to understand is that this process can sometimes take a lot of time to complete. Depending on the number of things that you will need to get rid of and what you decide to do with them, downsizing from a house to an apartment can take you more than a month. That is why it is very important to start dealing with this as soon as you can. Or, at least two months before your moving date. You do not want to welcome the best movers in Florida half-ready. So start inspecting your items and thinking about this as soon as you learn about the move.

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    This can be a time-consuming process so start early

    First, you will need to get a blueprint of your new apartment

    As we mentioned above, relocating from a house to an apartment most of the time means that you will be moving to a smaller space. That further means that you will need to remove a part of your inventory. Of course, it all depends on your new space, the state and size of your items, and your wishes and requirements. Maybe you will decide to completely renew your furniture. To get rid of everything and replace it with new. Or you might find pieces that can perfectly fit in your new apartment and you decide to keep just those.

    Still, before you can decide which items to keep and which items to get rid of you need to know your new apartment’s floor plan. To get you will either have to visit your county clerk’s office or you can talk to your real estate agent and ask him to get it for you. Finally, if you cannot get an exact plan, you take measurements on your own. The important thing is to have a clear understanding of your new space before you start throwing things out.

    Moving is expensive. Decluttering can also help you lower your moving cost

    Of course, when relocating to an apartment from a house, the dimensions of your items are the most important factor that will determine are they going with you or not. However, it doesn’t mean that if your item can fit in your new home that you will decide to carry it with you. Maybe some of your items are not in good condition. Or the color or design doesn’t fit in how you imagined it.

    Still, when deciding which items you will remove, there is one more factor that might be important. The moving process is very expensive, especially when moving from Florida to California or similar long-distance routes. And the weight of your items is one of the most important factors that will determine the final price of your move. This means that by removing the heaviest pieces of your inventory you will also lower the price of your move. Keep this in mind when you are deciding what to get rid of.

    a pile of paper money
    Moving is expensive, decluttering can help you lower your moving cost as well

    There are many ways to remove your excess items

    If you decided what items to remove, it is time to decide what to do with them. Of course, there are many ways to remove your excess items. Some require more time and effort but can bring you a good profit. Others are faster but not so profitable. Here are your options.

    Rent climate-controlled storage and keep your items there

    Of course, when you are downsizing from a house to an apartment it doesn’t mean that you want to get rid of your items for good. Maybe it is a temporary move and you want to save your items for the future. If that is the case, renting climate controlled storage Boca Raton is your only option. A climate-controlled storage unit will ensure that your items stay in good condition even after years of storage

    Organizing a garage sale before moving from a house to an apartment

    A garage sale is the most profitable way to remove your excess items. Of course, to be able to organize a successful garage sale you will need to fulfill a few things. First and most important, you need a lot of items. You cannot organize a garage sale with two boxes of trinkets. If you gathered enough items you will have to advertise your event. Use local social network groups, give away flyers and posters, etc. Also, you will have to get a garage sale permit before you can start.

    Sell your items to a used furniture retailer

    If you do not have enough time to organize a garage sale and you have a lot of furniture to remove, you can find a used furniture retailer in your area and try to sell your items all at once. This is a fast way to sell your items but it is not as profitable as a garage sale.

    Find a charity and donate your stuff

    If you do not want to bother with selling your stuff, you can always find a charity organization and donate. The best thing with this approach is that most charities will come to you. So you do not have to bother with transportation. Moreover, if you are moving interstate, you might become eligible for certain tax deductions if you can prove that you have donated as a part of your move.

    a hand putting pebbles in a jar
    If you feel generous you can donate your excess items

    Hire a junk removal service

    Finally, if your items are not suitable for donating, you can always call a junk removal service. Of course, this is a quick and easy way to remove your stuff. But in this case, you will need to pay for your items to be removed.

    Moving from a house to an apartment is not a complicated thing

    That is what you need to do when moving from a house to an apartment. And as you can see it is not a complicated process. Of course, after removing so many items you will probably have to get new, more suitable items for your new place. But that is a story for another article.

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