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Relocation can be a complex process. It takes planning, giving attention to detail, and making sure everything goes according to the plan. Don’t make mistakes just because you didn’t plan well. Your move deserves to be flawless. For that, you need to organize everything well. So, you will need a good, detailed list. Learn how to make a great pre-move packing list with our guide!

Buy all the necessary supplies for your pre-relocation packing list

First of all, you can’t start packing if you don’t have the necessary materials. Moving from Florida to California will probably require a lot of supplies to prepare for the move. So, that should be first on your pre-move packing checklist. Let’s see some of the stuff you should try to get:

  • Boxes are the first item you buy when preparing for a move. Try to find different sizes and good quality ones.
  • Wrapping paper is something very useful when moving.
  • Newspapers are a good substitute for the lack of wrapping paper.
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing foam
  • Packing tape
  • Plastic totes
A personis packing something into wrapping paper.
Put packing supplies on your pre-move packing checklist. It is important for a good move.

The early bird catches the worm

It’s never too early to start making your pre-move packing list. Put all the important stuff on it and take some time to think about bigger decisions. For example, will you hire packing services Florida or pack the stuff yourself. When you start preparing earlier, you avoid a lot of risks. You can check if everything is going according to plan and see how much time it will take to get the whole process done.

Label your containers

You will save a lot of time for both you and your movers. People often forget to do so and then, once the New Leaf Moving Group Florida truck reaches the location, they get in trouble. There is no way of knowing where to put what and how to do handle each box. Some are more and some are less fragile. So, in order to make the move smoother, put box labeling on your pre-relocation packing list.

Purge your stuff

There is probably a lot of your stuff you don’t really need. Think about what to do with it. You can sell it, give it away or donate it. Donation is always the best choice. Once you do so, your load will be much lighter and it will be easier to move.

That would be a really important point on your pre-move packing list. The price of the relocation by long distance movers Boca Ranton FL also depends on the amount of stuff you need to transport. Make sure your possessions aren’t too big.

Schedule with caution

Do your best to use South Florida relocation services during the week. You don’t want to disrupt someone’s weekend rest with your noisy move. Another reason to do it during the workweek is that’s when mechanics, banks, and government offices are open. If you run into problems, you will need some of those to be open.

Three sheets of paper hanging on a wall.
Make sure to label everything well and avoid confusion during relocation.

Separate what’s valuable from the rest

Before your best cross country movers Florida has to offer come to pick up your stuff, make sure you’ve separated valuable possessions from the rest. You need to make sure it’s handled with caution and special attention. Your pre-move packing list should help you do it with ease.

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