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Loading order for a cross-country move

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    Relocation is hard and complicated. Organizing, packing, and searching for movers requires skill and knowledge. Especially when moving from Florida to California or any other state. Cross-country relocations are even harder than local ones. This means you must pack like a pro and follow the loading order for a cross-country move. You must pack your moving truck without any mistakes if you want all your items to reach the other side unharmed. Luckily, your movers will help a lot. But you must do some things as well. Let us show you how to do it right.

    Prepare your items first

    Before you can follow the loading order for a cross-country move you must prepare your items first. More importantly, you must locate everything and list it down on your moving checklist. This way you will know the number of packing supplies required. Also, you will realize the complexity of this project and prepare for it adequately. Therefore, inspect your entire home and figure out how many items and furniture you have. Once you are ready, you will call one of the moving companies Boynton Beach Florida to finalize your packing and loading plan.

    a woman preparing for packing
    Inspect and prepare your items. This is the first step of the packing process.

    One more thing. While inspecting your items, you should figure out if there is a need to declutter before moving. And there always is, just the question is how many items you must remove? So, pay close attention to stashed items in your garage, attic, backyard, or basement. There are surely old clothing, broken electronics, appliances, or furniture that you can get rid of. Simply donate, recycle, give away, or sell at the garage sale. If you do it right, you’ll have a much easier time packing and loading the moving truck.

    Work on a loading order for a cross-country move

    Now that you know how many items you have, you can start working on the loading plan. Although, your long distance movers Boca Raton FL will probably cover this task instead of you. But that does not mean you shouldn’t know anything about it. So, simply supervise the process and have your movers instruct you on how they are going to secure everything inside a moving vehicle. Also, you must instruct them as well about the items that should go out first and where to place your boxes inside the new home. As long as you communicate openly, there shouldn’t be any problems. And if you do not like the way they are handling your belongings, then you are probably working with incompetent or inexperienced movers. That is why it’s imperative to search for reliable and licensed ones.

    Secure the parameter

    To have a safer moving project, you must inspect the environment as well. This part is easy as long as you do it at all. So, inspect all your staircases, doors, floors, hallways, and narrow corridors. Make sure you report all irregularities to your cross country movers Florida so they can organize upfront. This is an important part of the relocation plan so please remember and do it on time. The loading order for an interstate move does not matter if your items end up breaking or damaged while going out of the house. Prevent it on time.

    two people creating a loading order for a cross-country move
    Inspect your belongings and the environment. Make sure it is a safe place to work in.

    Follow the loading order for an interstate move and place your items safely into the moving truck

    The time has come to load the moving truck. As you know, and as your movers will instruct you, all heavy and bulky items go first. They should be stacked next to each other at the far end of the moving vehicle. Then, you’ll place your boxes, and finally plants and fragile items. And remember, you shouldn’t stack your boxes too high or make them too heavy. Although, depending on the size of the moving truck, this tactic can be slightly different. But you shouldn’t worry about it too much because your movers will do this part anyway. They are taking responsibility for those items and they can’t let you do it by yourself. This is for safety reasons and the overall safety of your moving project.

    Now you know the loading order for a cross-country move and how to prepare for it. But remember, you are purchasing a moving service and your movers should handle this part for you. After all, you shouldn’t lift heavy objects if you do not want to. And loading the moving truck is your mover’s responsibility. And that is what New Leaf moving Group will do for you if you decide to hire us for your next move. So, stay out of it but know what is going on. Good luck.

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