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Relocations are complicated and each one is different. Everyone needs proper help when going through this tiresome process and our movers in Lighthouse Point, FL are the people for the job. If you want professional and reliable assistance throughout your move, New Leaf Moving Group Florida is the moving company of your choice. We can start arranging the details of your move today. Call us right now and see what we have to offer.

A woman on call with movers Lighthouse Point FL located.
Contact our New Leaf Moving Group and start arranging the details of your relocation.

Movers in Lighthouse Point, FL that residents always recommend

Our professional, yet honest, approach towards every job is what makes us the moving company people from Lighthouse Point trust. We have earned our reputation through hard work, dedication, and, therefore, now have the experience many people seek when trying to find adequate movers. With us, you will not have to worry whether everything is properly organized and your belongings are safe. We take our work very seriously and do not fail to deliver what is asked of us. You can be sure that, if you request our services, everything will be in order.

A variety of services at your disposal

Every moving company provides a similar specter of moving services. What makes us different is the fact that we have focused our attention on trying to provide each client with every possible service they might need. The chances are that we have exactly what you need.

In other words, you will get everything you need with the movers Lighthouse Point FL residents always put their trust in. We can offer you the following options and more:

Don’t hesitate to bring up other services that you don’t see here. We will gladly present all options and try to find the most suitable solution to your specific needs. Our representatives will provide you with the information you require and help you make an ideal moving plan.

Local Lighthouse Point movers can handle all types of items

Moving items is not as easy as one may think. It requires skill, experience, and proper equipment used for special items. Some of them are more complicated to relocate than others and that is why we are a good choice of help. Our movers are prepared and trained to handle even the most demanding items.

For instance, if you own a piano, you are aware of how heavy, yet fragile, they are. And not to mention – expensive. We can provide you with excellent piano moving services that are designed to ensure the safety of your instrument during transportation. You will not have to worry about one detail because we handle these special items daily and will make sure that everything is properly protected.

A piano that must be relocated.
We will handle even the most complicated and fragile items such as pianos.

Packing will not be a problem if you hire our comprehensive moving experts

One of the main parts of every relocation is the packing process. It is also the most important one and many people make common mistakes that result in damage or breakage. If you decide on getting our professional packing services, you will not have to worry about these sorts of problems.

Our local and long-distance Lighthouse Point moving company team members know exactly how all types of items should be packed properly. We use quality supplies and will follow any instructions or demands that you have regarding your belongings. Rest assured that with our packing, handling, and experienced managing, everything will go smoothly and without problems.

Besides all of this and more, we also offer solutions to common problems our clients have. Storage services are another thing that many decide they need before, during, and even after relocation. As we previously stated, your belongings will always be safe with us. If you need storage temporarily or until further notice, you can rely on us to handle that as well. We are ready to accommodate your every need and help you handle your relocation from the beginning until the end with everything you require.

We can assist you with whatever you need

Besides the services that you will request, our local movers Lighthouse Point FL based are at your disposal for much more. As our client, you have a privileged position and will be treated accordingly. If you need information, advice, any kind of suggestion, or help with deciding something, know that we are more than happy to be of assistance. All you have to do is get in touch with us.

Our experience gives us the possibility of providing you with useful information that will help you entirely. All your questions will surely be answered thanks to our open communication channels. We will make sure that you are at ease during the entire relocation process.

Clients in a meeting with movers Lighthouse Point FL.
You can consult with our movers Lighthouse Point FL located about anything regarding your relocation.

Rely on us even on short notice

While looking for reliable and quality either local or long-distance Lighthouse Point moving companies, there are certain traits our clients were looking for. One of the most important ones was punctuality while still being efficient. This is something that is a well-known characteristic of ours and what has gotten us so many satisfied clients.

While we are diligent, professional, and extremely dedicated to every detail, we still respect your deadlines. This is especially important for office relocations but for others as well. Trust that your schedule will be on time and that no delays will be made. We will organize everything together and our movers will make sure that that same schedule is followed. Rely on us to meet the deadlines and still provide you with the high-quality services you requested. 

Lighthouse Point movers are at your service

If you were looking for professionals who will see your relocation through without problems, then New Leaf Moving Group is the company you want. We will provide you with some of the best movers Lighthouse Point FL has to offer. Contact us today and get your free moving estimate right away. We are expecting your call and are ready to start executing your, soon to be easy and successful, relocation.

Perfect experience...

New Leaf Moving Group completed my move to Palm Beach County without any issues and had a wonderful attitude while doing it. I had a perfect moving experience thanks to them! This must have been one of the best moving companies I have worked with!

Harley Jones

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