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Leaving Florida for Massachusetts: 3 Greatest Differences

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Leaving the place that you live in is never easy. That is why moving is so difficult. Apart from the laborious part, there is also the mental load of moving. You will feel it all, from excitement to fear. Moving down the street is one thing but moving to a different state is a completely different experience. The farther away the states are, the more you will need the help of New Leaf Moving Group. If you are thinking about leaving Florida for Massachusetts, we will list the 3 biggest differences you can expect to see.

What can you expect when leaving Florida for Massachusetts?

The distance between these two states is around 1,350 miles. A 20-hour drive or 2-hour trip in an airplane will get you from point A to point B. But even though you are not moving to another part of the world, just moving from Florida to Boston, you will notice quite a few differences. For that reason, it is good that you are here, wanting to learn the things you can expect when leaving Florida for Massachusetts. The three greatest differences are:

  • The climate
  • Job opportunities
  • Diversity
Picture of snow and trees
The distance is big between these two states


The climate is one of the important things to consider when moving to a new place. You might be a person that can quickly get used to any weather, but not everybody is like that. Since Florida has a humid subtropical climate, moving to any other climate zone might be a big shock. For example, you will move during a Floridian winter with some interstate moving companies Florida, only to find real winter in Massachusetts. The winter temperatures in Florida range from 41 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas the temperatures in Massachusetts range from 22 to -5 degrees in the winter. Since your new home state has a continental climate, there will also be 4 extinct seasons, unlike the mild all-year-long sunshine weather back home.

Job opportunities

Since you have lived in Florida until now, you have likely worked in the hospitality industry for at least some time. As one of the most attractive holiday destinations, Florida’s biggest industry is tourism. Tourism has a very extinct seasonal character, with its peak season in the summer. This makes the job market very unstable, which is a negative side when looking for a stable job. Massachusetts on the other hand has major industries like tech, food production, and finances. When you are looking for a well paid stable job, moving with some moving services Boynton Beach to Massachusetts is the right call.


Continuing onto the topic of the most famous holiday destination, Florida gets a lot of visitors every year. Amazed by all the good sides it offers, many people decide to stay here. This makes the population of this state diverse, so you can find people from all over the world calling Florida home. Even though Massachusetts is also diverse, it is by far less than Florida. 77% of the population is white, leaving little space for other ethnic and racial groups.

Picture of two men before leaving Florida for Massachusetts
The population of Florida is diverse

Conclusion on leaving Florida for Massachusetts

When you think about leaving Florida for Massachusetts, keep all the differences in mind. Even though you might not mind it when moving for work temporarily, these are still things to keep in mind. We wish you good luck getting used to a new state!

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