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You decided on moving from Florida to New York and you are planning your relocation, searching for movers, and packing at the same time. It is a lot on your plate right now. But you shouldn’t rush this process unless it is a last-minute move in question. If you have at least two weeks ahead, you can cover everything properly. Now, the most important thing here is to pack adequately and secure your cargo, if you do it right you’ll keep the unpacking process organized as well. So, let us focus on this part of the story today.

You can’t keep the unpacking process organized if you pack in a wrong way

Right of the bat, we must say that the key to success here is the right packing process. If you pack wrongly, you won’t be able to keep the unpacking process organized. So, the first step is to obtain all the necessary packing materials. You can purchase everything from your Florida relocation companies, at the nearest hardware store, or at the home depot. You’ll need around 30 to 40 cardboard boxes, blister packs, higher-quality packing tape, and labels. Now, from this point of view in this story labels are the most important part, but we will come to that later.

Packing materials inside a cardboard box
Use higher-quality packing supplies and pack like a pro to ease your unpacking process.

When you obtain all the packing materials, start packing gradually room by room. Each box should have a cushion on the bottom. Bubble wrap is the key player here or the blankets and other cloth you have at home. Then, wrap items individually and fill gaps between them with crumpled magazine paper. Once you are done, close the box and apply adhesive tape. And finally, the labeling system. Each box should have a label with a detailed description on the box, or simply with a room, it belongs to. In the end, if this all sounds too complicated, you can let one of the best interstate moving companies Florida provide packing and unpacking services, and stop thinking about this altogether. Keep this info in the back of your head, just in case.

Use proper packing materials

Now, we already explained you should use some of the packing materials for everyday relocation. But you can always invest more and purchase higher quality ones. For example, your packing tape should always be top-notch because it holds your boxes together. And for the blister pack, you can use a substitution of any blankets, sheets, clothing, rags, etc. And for labels, you can create those yourself and use a labeling system you are most comfortable with. Let’s say your kitchen is a red color, so all red marked boxes go straight to that room. Or you can go with the simple wording, or with a detailed description. On the other side, you can always purchase corner pads, Styrofoam, packing peanuts, plastic bins, etc. There are expensive materials that will serve you well if you have enough money to invest.

Prepare your new home to keep the unpacking process organized

Obviously, you will visit your new home and create a plan where your furniture will go. You must do it if you want to keep the unpacking process smooth. And you will clean it and prepare it for the arrival of course. Remember to measure hallways, staircases, floors, windows, etc. Prepare your home and write down all the adjustments and possible future decorations you want to implement. But for now, stick to the unpacking. Dedicate rooms and areas in those rooms where all the boxes will go.

A woman cleaning a window
Do a bit of Spring cleaning and unpack into a clean home.

Bring in the smallest pieces first

Now, before you start unloading, you must give instructions to your local movers Boynton Beach FL and tell them what your labeling system is. Explain where to put all those boxes and labeled items. Do not let them mix rooms just because they are in a hurry or something similar. Supervise the process and ensure each box is exactly where it has to be. And in the end, while they are unloading the furniture, you should check the most important boxes containing fragile and valuable items to ensure everything is in one piece. If something is broken you can act quickly. Hopefully, it won’t come to that and you’ll have a wonderful journey and a pleasant moving experience.

Then onto the furniture

Or if you intend on unpack within the next two days or something like that, then bring the furniture in first and place it exactly where you want it to be and stack boxes next to it. We are talking mostly about the shelves here because you’ll unpack those boxes quickly and set up all your systems and make a perfect setup in no time.

bring in small or big items and keep the unpacking process organized
If you have shelves that you can fill straight away, you can unpack those first.

Declutter like a pro

This is just the right time to get rid of most of the stuff you never used. Whether it is a new item or the old one. We all have items in our garage or the attic that are long forgotten and gathering dust for ages. Therefore, start cleaning it out. It will keep your new home clutter-free, relocation easier and cheaper, and you will feel much better after getting rid of all the hoard. Hence, it is time to declutter and downsize! Gather all the decoration, broken IT equipment, old clothing and do the following:

  • Donate to local charities
  • Donate to a homeless shelter
  • Give to neighbors and friends
  • Sell online
  • Recycle
  • Throw away

If you choose the last option, just be sure to separate hazardous materials from the regular ones. Think about the environment just for a second and do something good in the process.

And there we go, now you know how to keep the unpacking process organized. It is nothing too hard as you can see. It is all about the preparation and the way you pack beforehand. If you pack like a pro, you’ll unpack even faster and easier. Hopefully, we helped enough for you to do it right. Good luck

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